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Although it’s not saying much, this is the best iteration of Venom yet. It’s essentially the closest thing we have to his comic book counterpart. Of course, there are some drastic changes due to the lack of Spider-Man but the core concept of the character is there. He’s funny, violent, and an anti-hero. Unfortunately, we don’t see him until halfway through the film. The first half of the film focuses on establishing the characters in the film. The problem is that the film isn’t compelling until the title character finally shows up. In addition, the characters themselves are completely one-dimensional. Obviously, Eddie Brock is the exception to this rule since the film primarily focuses on him. As a result, there isn’t much character development for the supporting characters.

It’s not a total surprise since the plot is a bit lackluster. That is to say, it’s generic and simple. It’s not as complex or a fascinating page-turner as the other superhero films. In a way, it sort of regresses to a time before superhero films became a big deal. Back when Jonah Hex and X-Men: The Last Stand was our primary options for a superhero film. That’s not to say that Venom is as bad as those films but it could’ve been.

It isn’t until Eddie Brock and Venom finally come together that the film truly becomes an entertaining and comedic film. A lot of that has to do with Tom Hardy’s gripping performance as Eddie Brock and Venom. His conversation with Venom is extremely fun to watch. A lot of credit should go to the sound department as well. Their work in creating Venom’s voice out of Hardy’s performance is what comic book fans have been waiting for. Venom’s voice is essentially what many people picture Venom’s voice to be. Sadly, Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed are completely wasted here. Both actors do their best to elevate the material but they can only do so much.

Overall, Venom is not a perfect superhero film. The film has so many flaws but the film does have one saving grace. That saving grace is none other than Tom Hardy. Tom Hardy and his Jekyll and Hyde performance are extremely fun to watch. For this reason, Venom is an entertaining spectacle that should definitely please the millions of Venom fans out there.

Movie Rating: 3.5/5 atoms

Venom - Michelle Williams and Tom Hardy

Venom hits Ultra HD Blu-ray with an HDR transfer and a 2.39:1 aspect ratio. Venom‘s video transfer has a nice even contrast to it. The image isn’t flat but there isn’t much depth to the picture. However, the brightness is luminous and extremely vibrant. Thankfully, there’s no bloom or loss of detail in these bright areas. In contrast, the black levels are inconsistent. Due to the brightness, the dark areas are lighter than other Ultra HD releases. At times, these dark areas do become an inky black.

The colors are a bit inconsistent too but there is a logical explanation for this. During the nighttime scenes, the colors pop from the screen. On the other hand, the colors look natural during the daytime. Throughout the film, the skin tones look natural. As always, the detail clarity is phenomenal. There is a nice crisp definition to the edges. Overall, this is a great video transfer.

Video Rating: 4.5/5 atoms

Venom - Tom Hardy and Riz Ahmed

Venom hits Ultra HD Blu-ray with a Dolby Atmos and a core 7.1 Dolby TrueHD Master Audio track. The level of immersion in this audio mix is phenomenal. This is especially apparent in the action sequences. The sound effects are static but they’re effectively used to envelope you in the soundstage. Consequently, that means that there aren’t a lot of dynamic sound effects panning through the soundstage. Nevertheless, you’ll also find a lot of atmospheric effects that envelope the soundstage. Even with this symphony of loudness, both the music and dialogue can still be heard through the loud sound effects. Overall, this is a marvelous audio mix.

Audio Rating: 5/5 atoms

Special Features
Venom - Tom Hardy

You can find a sneak peek at Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse on the Ultra HD Blu-ray. However, you can find the following special features can be found on the regular Blu-ray disc:

  • Venom Mode
  • Deleted & Extended Scenes
    • Ride to Hospital
    • Car Alarm
    • San Quentin Extended
  • From Symbiote to Screen
  • The Anti-Hero
  • The Lethal Protector in Action
  • Venom Vision
  • Designing Venom
  • Symbiote Secrets
  • Select Scenes Pre-Vis
    • Carlton Drake Lab Test
    • Escape from the Life Foundation
    • Eddie’s Checkup
    • Eddie’s Apartment Fight
    • Bike Chase
    • Tower Climb
    • Lobby Fight
    • Dog Venom
  • Music Videos
    • Venom by EMINEM
    • Sunshine by Post Malone, Swae Lee Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Sneak Peek

Venom Mode is quite a fun feature should you ever want to watch the film again. This mode provides a ton of informational tidbits in relation to the scene that you’re watching. The material shown ranges from comic book trivia to behind-the-scenes information. Unfortunately, the deleted scenes are skippable but the San Quentin extended scene is a must-watch for any comic book fan. “From Symbiote to Screen” takes an in-depth and lengthy look at the comic book history of Venom. Basically, everything that you’ve wanted to know about Venom‘s comic book connections can be found here.

“The Antihero” is an informational behind-the-scenes look at the development of the Venom character. Honestly, there are a lot of things revealed in this featurette that a majority of you may not know about. “The Lethal Protector in Action” is a featurette that takes a look at how all of the stunts are put together in the film. It certainly gives us an interesting take at how they fuse together the visual effects and stunt choreography. “Venom Vision” takes a look at Ruben Fleischer’s vision for Venom. It’s not as informative as the other featurettes which is why it’s the least interesting featurette out of this list. “Designing Venom” takes a look at Venom’s look. Yes, it does answer the question of why the spider symbol doesn’t show up on Venom’s suit.

As for “Symbiote Secrets,” this mini-feature only gives us a few Easter eggs hidden within the film. Although there are a few intriguing Easter eggs in there, none of them are actually mind-blowing. “Select Scenes Pre-Vis” is another series of bonus features that are self-explanatory. There’s nothing to really check out here unless you want to see a side-by-side look at how a pre-production animation plays out in the film.

Special Features Rating: 4/5 atoms

Overall, Venom is a decent superhero that becomes really good once it finally finds its stride. Tom Hardy makes this film and without him, the film would be a failure. The video transfer and audio mix are both fantastic. Not to mention, a lot of the featurettes in this release are intriguing watches. You’ll definitely learn a lot by watching them.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 atoms

This Blu-ray was reviewed using a retail/advance copy/unit provided by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

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