VRV recognizes unsung heroes with must-watch list of animated shows

In the last few weeks, we’ve been treated to a slew of movie trailers for next year’s upcoming superhero movies. Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame, and James Gunn’s dark and ominous Brightburn were just a few of the trailers that have fans excited for 2019. Along with movies, TV will also be receiving a slate of superhero-based shows, from Netflix’s adaptation of Gerard Way’s Umbrella Academy to Garth Ennis “The Boys” on Amazon Prime.

Streaming service VRV, home to channels such as Crunchyroll, Rooster Teeth, and NickSplat!, knows that heroes come in different shapes and sizes. To show that anyone can be a hero, it has rounded up a few TV shows that showcase those unsung heroes.

GARY AND HIS DEMONS: This animated comedy follows the titular character Gary, who is given the responsibility of being the “Chosen One.” Gary is an old, ill-tempered and grumpy man who spends his time slaying Demons with a team that he can hardly relate to. As he grows older, Gary struggles to find the enthusiasm and interest to keep up with his earth-saving duties that he never really wanted.

TURBO FANTASY: If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to suit up and fight crime, then Turbo Fantasy has you covered. The show follows a Sports Center manager who spends his free time fighting crime as a masked vigilante. With a pair of bickering sidekicks, a broken robot, self-taught fighting style, and forced puns, this manager awkwardly fights low-rent criminals around his city.

FINAL SPACE: Astronaut Gary and his planet-destroying sidekick Mooncake traverse through space trying to find where the universe ends. But the journey isn’t as easy as it sounds as Gary and his team are chased down by a telekinetic creature known as Lord Commander.

BRAVEST WARRIORS: Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward brings us Bravest Warriors. A show that follows four teenaged heroes-for-hire. Using the power of their emotions, the foursome group travels through different universes to save adorable aliens.

All four shows about this overlooked heroes are now available to stream on VRV.

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