HIDIVE now available to stream on VRV

A few weeks ago Funimation announced that it would end its partnership with VRV, which meant that its library would no longer be available to stream. The Funimation channel on VRV carried dubbed episodes of wildly popular animes such as Dragon Ball Super and My Hero Academia.

To fill the void that the Funimation partnership had created, VRV had announced that anime streaming service HIDIVE would be soon joining VRV with its own dedicated channel. Today HIDIVE is now available for all VRV subscribers so they can binge all their favorite anime shows

HIDIVE is an independent anime streaming company based out of Houston, Texas, that launched in 2017. In that short time, HIDIVE has made available over 500 different series, movies, and OVAs for hardcore anime fans to stream. HIDIVE offers simulcasts, dubcasts, exclusives, as well as live-action titles.

The HIDIVE channel on VRV will feature a robust library of uncensored anime and live-action series that include shows such as Bloom Into You, Gakuen Basara, The Girl in Twilight, Release the Spyce, Food Wars!, and Elfen Lied. HIDIVE will also offer a large catalog of timeless and beloved classics.

HIDIVE is now available on VRV for fans binging pleasures. For more information, visit https://www.hidive.com.

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