Transformers Botbots coming 2019: Robots disguised as everyday items

Transformers BotBots

Transformers is a huge franchise, with its roots coming from the toy line. The toys can be complicated to transform, especially if you have the Masterpiece figures like Starscream, Megatron and Soundwave. Soon, Hasbro will be releasing little Transformers toys called Botbots that will be so easy to transform where many people of all ages can figure it out without instructions. These little guys will be disguised as all types of small items like toilet paper, action sports camera, lollipop, fries, pencil, pizza, chocolate bar, soccer ball and more.

Series 1 is coming in 2019, and there will be 190 little figures to collect. They will come inside packs where you can see what you’re buying. There are also mystery packs where a Botbot is hidden inside the dome-shaped packaged.

Botbots origin: Not long ago and somewhere nearby… a shopping mall was closed for the night, when a strange glowing mist, filled with TRANSFORMERS energy known as ENERGON, came down from the sky and covered the mall.

When the Energon hit objects inside, they came to life as mischievous little TRANSFORMERS robots. These robots hide in plain sight at the mall, disguised as the stuff we use every day.

With the smaller mystery package, it comes with a surprise Botbots robot. Simply push the red dome in and the little robot will pop out of the other side. It also comes with an instruction for transforming. There are other types of packages includes one holding 5 robots and a larger one holding 8 with each package having a mystery robot. Each package will have a theme; for example, one is called the Toilet Troop and features items like a deodorant, plant, bar of soap, and soap dispenser.

As you can see from the photo above, regular items include toilet paper, lollipop, stapler, hockey puck, scissors, headset, deodorant, bottled water, sandwich, toast and more. This is just a sample of the total 190 figures for series 1.

Once they are transformed, they turn into cute and tiny robots. They have the mischievous look on their faces, so you have to be careful around the Botbots.

Transformers Botbots will be available Early 2019.

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