Hex Brand Ranger Backpack review: A robust camera bag

The amount of digital media that is consumed on a daily basis is remarkable. Platforms such as Instagram and YouTube allow content creators to explore their artistic side and share it with hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. One of the most important tools in a photographer or videographers arsenal is their camera. With the piece of equipment that they hold in their hands possibly being worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, it’s important that the bag they carry it in can keep up with the amount of work they put out.

As a person who dabbles in photography and videography, mainly using a micro four-thirds camera, I have a variety of camera bags that can carry the equipment I need when I go out on a shoot. But sometimes, I’m limited to the amount of gear that I can bring with me. For the past few weeks, I’ve been using the new Ranger clamshell backpack from Hex Brand to see if it can replace the numerous bags I use.

The Ranger backpack has a clamshell design that really opens up, making it easy for you to load in and load out your gear. Inside you get full customizable dividers which will allow you to organize your bag depending on what you need to bring with you. The bag is big enough to carry one or two professional DSLR cameras with attached lenses, as well as two to three extra lenses, and a flash unit.

Along with the big interior, the bag also features a front accessory pocket to house some added camera accessories or personal items. On the back, there is a pocket that can fit a 15” laptop, which will be protected with padding and faux-fur material. There’s also a pocket that can be used to carry your smartphone. Hex Brand also included a hidden rain cover to protect your bag just in case a sudden rainstorm hits.

The outside of the bag is made from genuine 500D Cordura nylon which gives the bag some durability and protection. The back padding is made from custom molded foam which makes the bag feel really good when you’re wearing it. To help alleviate the weight of the bag once your gear is packed in, the Ranger bag features two ergonomic shoulder straps with air-mesh and an adjustable chest strap. Traveling with the bag was also made to be convenient, as Hex Brand incorporated a luggage handle pass through and a hidden Anti-theft zipper clasp.

With the Ranger bag, I’m able to take every piece of gear that I need when I go out to shoot photos or videos. Its robust size lets me pack every essential lens and accessory that I think I’ll need. Wearing the backpack for long periods of time didn’t feel as strenuous as the bag dispersed the weight evenly across the entire bag. And with the help of the straps, it gave me a comfortable feeling across my shoulders. The added laptop sleeve allows me to bring my laptop with me, so if I need to do any post-processing work or dump my footage out in the field, I can do so. One great feature that I felt really helped out on photo shoots was the incorporated multi-access system. Being able to just sling the bag in front of me and pull out my camera instead of having to take it off completely made it convenient, especially for those run-and-gun moments that I came across when I was out taking photographs.

Final Reaction

Hex Brands Ranger Bag has been my new go-to bag for the last few weeks. Regardless if I want to shoot video or photos, I know that I can bring everything I need. The customizable interior lets me pack my camera comfortably, even if I place it in a camera cage. The added tripod straps give me the liberty of taking my tripod with me without the need of another bag or lugging it around in my hand. The material that Hex Brand utilizes for both the interior and exterior gives me the piece of mind knowing that my gear is fully protected against any scrapes or scratches, and with the added rain cover, I know that regardless of weather conditions, I can take the bag with me without any worry.

Score: 5/5 Atoms

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