Devil May Cry being developed by Castlevania showrunner Adi Shankar

Devil May Cry 5 Dante

Adi Shankar has recently posted on Twitter, “Open for business,” with a picture of himself as Dante from Devil May Cry video game series. It looks like he is delving into another popular video game franchise and bringing it to your television screens as an animated series. There were rumors about him working on another video game franchise, and many of those rumors pointed to a Zelda show.

In an interview with IGN, he says, “I acquired these rights (Devil May Cry) myself so the jabronis in Hollywood don’t [email protected]#$ this one up too.” And that is not the only bomb he dropped during the interview. He also said that he is creating his own “bootleg multiverse” and having Devil May Cry and Castlevania collide. He ends the interview by saying, “Let the speculations begin…you can read into that all you want.” Then proceeds to leave the interview.

So let us speculate of this “bootleg multiverse.” Does this mean we will see Dante and Alucard go at it? Trevor versus Vergil? Sypha versus Trish? Or are they going to team and fight the baddies? Who knows? But let our speculations be rampant! What do you think of this news? Are you excited?

Source: IGN

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