Dolby steps into the headset game with Dolby Dimension

Dolby Laboratories is known for producing some of the best sound technology for movies theaters and home entertainment centers. They set the standard as to what great sound should be. But as streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu getting more popular and releasing original content, moviegoers are electing to stay at home and watch a movie in the comfort of their own living room.

To flow with the changing tide, Dolby has launched its first ever wireless headphones, “Dolby Dimension.” With the new Dolby Dimension, users will be able to completely immerse themselves with the TV shows and movies that they watch and listen to. This allows them to stay at home and binge all their favorite content.

One key feature on the Dimension is Dolby’s proprietary technology called LifeMix. This new tech will let its users control the amount of noise that they can hear outside of the headphones, giving them full control to create a perfect blend of entertainment and real-world life. President and CEO of Dolby Laboratories said this about the new Dolby Dimension headphones:

“Dolby’s true north is uniting the art and science of entertainment, elevating the creators’ ability to tell their stories and enabling consumers to be immersed in spectacular experiences.”

Premium materials, intuitive touch controls, and fit and finish will blend together to create a pair of headphones that maximizes comfort for long binge-watching sessions. 40mm acoustic drivers, advanced microphone array, and proprietary signal processing will give its users the ultimate immersive experience while still being connected to the present world.

The Dolby Dimension will also have an accompanying app that will be free on both iOS and Android. It will allow users to adjust some of the Dimensions key features such as LifeMix, Virtualization, and Head Tracking, as well as manage paired devices. The intuitive controls will allow for easy control to toggle LifeMix, hit play or pause, adjust volume, go forward or back, activate Siri or Google assistant, and take calls.

The Dolby Dimension is available now, will retail for $599 and can be purchased at

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