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If you are familiar with the Fortnite Pro-Am, H1Z1 Pro League, PUBG Invitational, League of Legends Champions Korea, Arena of Valor World Cup, NHL Gaming, or even the eMLS, then you are likely to have seen AKRacing before. AKRacing is a professional gaming chair manufacture that uses only premium materials to craft the ideal gaming chair. There are 3 distinct series they make: Core Series, Master Series and Office Series. The Core Series is more for the casual gamer, where as the Master Series is tailored for the pro-level gamer. As one can assume, the Office Series is for the professional office environment.

Since most of us are a bit more than the casual gamer, I reviewed the Master Series. Specifically the Pro model. A pro gaming chair recommended for taller people, providing a wider frame with a deep seat which offers more leg room.

Specs & Features

  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Frame Coating: Anti corrosive black paint
  • Chair Cover Material: Pleather on front and Back
  • Foam Type: High Density Mold Shaping Foam
  • Foam Density: 55 kg/m³ (seat) 50 kg/m³ (back)
  • Base Type: Aluminum base
  • Adjustable Armrests: 4D
  • Adjustable Tilt Angle: 13-18°
  • Tilt & Tilt Angle Lock: Yes
  • Recline angle: 180°
  • Gas Lift Class: Class 4 gaslift
  • Weight Capacity: 330lbs
  • Warranty Length: 5/10 years

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+\- 20 minutes

The wheels, gas lift, and tilt mechanism all slide into place. This is pretty common in most chairs these days. Although the tilt mechanism needs to be screwed to the base cushion of course. The backrest is screwed on with 2 screws on each side. The is a face plate to cover the metal that holds the backrest in place are also screwed on. The armrests are already screwed into place before it is packaged.

Build & Quality

The overall feel of the Master Series Pro is very sturdy. I appreciate the small ventilation holes throughout the pleather. Made for a comfortable 5-hour gaming session. Heat did not build up, so I found myself adjusting positions less frequently. Leaning back is easy enough too. Both the recline handle and tilt mechanism feel sold and lock in place firmly. This is expected, especially since the weight capacity is 330lbs.

akracing pro gaming chair seat

I did have an issue initially with the tilt mechanism making a clicking noise, but I reached out to AKRacing and they had it replaced immediately. The replacement part worked perfectly. Customer service is understated by many, but working with AKRacing was incredibly easy when I had an issue. It can be easy to get a great deal on a decent gaming chair online, but that means nothing if it has an issue and no one can help. This quality runs throughout the company. They even have their own factory to manufacture the chairs, so that they can ensure quality.

The lumbar support is actually useful on the Master Series Pro. Many lumbar supports are not actually comfortable or ergonomic, but I much more prefer using it on the PRO Series. The headrest pillow does not clip together like the lumbar pillow. It seems like it would have been easier to use a clip on it, rather than the butterfly clip that is packaged with the chair. There is one other thing that I feel the Master Series Pro could have done a bit better.

The 4D armrests function as advertised, but could use some work. When swiveling the armrests left and right, or moving them forward and back, it does not lock into place. They pop into place. This means that anytime I adjusted in the chair, the armrest would shift. I do wish that there was a button that was used to lock it into place because it is kind of loud when it pops into another position.

akracing pro gaming chair leather

The curvature of the backrest and base cushion hold the body well. I felt snug and supported during my time reviewing the Master Series Pro. The aluminum base, high-density mold shaping foam, anti-corrosive black paint, and high-quality pleather used to create this chair means that it will last a very long time. It’s also important to note that each chair comes with a 5/10 year warranty (5 on Materials, 10 on Frame). AKRacing is definitely a brand that can be trusted.

Final Reaction

The Master Series Pro from AKRacing brings serious comfort to high-end quality. I can absolutely recommend the Master Series Pro to anyone that is serious about gaming. The chair retails for $599 on AKRacing.com. If there is a question you still have about the chair, shoot us a tweet at @nerdrector on Twitter.

Score: 4.5/5 Atoms

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