FPS shooter Project Nova private alpha coming in November

CCP Games had revealed that Project Nova, its upcoming online PC shooter set in the EVE Online universe, will be available as an invite-only Alpha in November. The game is exclusive to the PC, and it’s being developed with help from Sumo Digital.

The world of EVE Online is set in New Eden, and it’ll be the same setting for Project Nova. It will feature PvP and PvP, with different character classes like assault and sniper.

Project Nova is playable this weekend at EVE Vegas at the Linq Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The community has been important in EVE Online, and their feedback will be important to CCP Games with Project Nova. With that said, everyone attending EVE Vegas, they will have access to Project Nova Alpha. If you can’t make it, you can register at:


In the game, you will play as a Warclone, an elite clone soldier going up against Sansha’s Nation. The “True Guardian” controls the evil rogue state that uses slaves for its own gain.

The game will feature unpredictable procedural objectives with intense AI. Teamwork is key to complete missions and you’ll have aid like automated defenses and installments against the enemies.

As you progress, you’ll unlock weapons and weapon mods, and you’ll be able to customize abilities, weapons, and skills. To protect your body, you’ll have access to the Dropsuit armor which comes in light, medium, and heavy. Each has two different classes and are upgradable.

With PvP, you become a mercenary and will have to confront other players for money and reputation. If you take a riskier job, you’ll get better rewards.

No details yet on Project Nova’s release date and how it’ll connect with EVE Online.

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