Protect your phone with UAG’s Monarch protective and rugged covers

A person would have to be insane to carry around a phone without a protective case. Maybe they like to live dangerously, with their phone possibly dropping and getting a cracked screen. UAG (Urban Armor Gear) has been making protective and sturdy cases for all types of phones. Today it has announced the lightweight rugged cases for the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL with its Monarch and Plyo series.

We had the chance to test out the UAG Monarch series, and it’s definitely a case that is slim and solid. The particular case we used was made for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Even though it’s advertised as lightweight, I was still worried that it might be a bit bulky. Yes, it does add an extra layer, but that helps with keeping the phone safe. I was still able to fit the phone in my jeans pocket without it feeling like it’s sticking out.

Another popular item for phones these days is the collapsible grip & stand. As for me, I prefer the Flipstik since it’s very thin, and the last thing I need is a collapsible grip that will add more thickness. With the UAG Monarch being rugged, I was afraid that it wouldn’t be suitable for my Flipstik. The good news is that it sticks onto the case, even with the ruggedness.

Each UAG Monarch case has five protective layers that include the armor frame, leather or carbon fiber, polycarbonate shear plate, alloy metal hardware and impact resistant rubber. I have dropped the phone a few times, and the phone has been free of cracks so far. (The Samsung Galaxy S9 are known to easily crack.) Of course, you don’t want to intentionally drop your phone, but I do remember going to a dancing event, and the phone slipped out of my back pocket. With that said, the phone was still in one piece. (I now put the phone in my front pocket.)

UAG’s Monarch Series cases are sturdy, and we definitely recommend the product for those who want extra protection. The cases come in different colors, and they retail for $59.95.

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