Adidas x DBZ Gohan and Perfect Cell shoes set to release on October 27

Adidas x DBZ

The end of September saw the release of the first set of the Adidas x DBZ collaboration. To no one’s surprise, the shoes sold out pretty quickly with sneakerheads trying their best to buy a pair of these limited edition shoes. Now a new month is here and the continuation of the DBZ collaboration keeps moving forward with the next set of shoes to be released at the end of October.

Releasing on Saturday, October 27th, the next pair of shoes to be released will be the Gohan and Perfect Cell set. Gohan, the son of Goku, famously went up against Cell in his final and strongest form. Though he was still a child, Gohan’s Saiyan side knew that he had to fight against Cell when his father couldn’t defeat the deadly amalgamation of fighters. Gohan’s pride and spirit raised him to super Saiyan level 2, which gave him the strength to beat Cell. This historic fight between the two reigned a level of importance in the DBZ universe, which was why Adidas knew that both fighters had to be honored in their own shoes.

Gohan will be immortalized by the Adidas Deerupt silhouette which will be laid out in a purple colorway which is a representation of Gohan’s battle outfit. Gohan’s transcendence to Super Saiyan level 2 will be shown through reflective flash graphics on the base material beneath the Deerupts webbing mesh overlay. Rounding out the shoe will be a heel patch logo that commemorates Gohan’s first trainer and mentor Piccolo, with Kanji on the heel webbing denotes Gohan’s name. A Dragonball logo can be found beneath the heel patch, while collaborative Adidas x DBZ logos can be seen on the sock liner.

Cell was an embodiment of a truly terrifying entity. His mercilessness and tyranny shook the very core of every DBZ fighter, so it’s fitting that Cell will be represented by the aggressive-looking Adidas Prophere Silhouette. The shoe will carry a very distinctive green colorway which symbolizes Cell’s exoskeleton. The green will be complemented with a purple color to represent the wings of Cell. Printed on the tongue’s reverse will be Cell’s name, while collaborative Adidas x DBZ sock liners finish off the shoe.

Each shoe will be available worldwide October 27th on If September’s release of the first set of DBZ shoes is any indication on how fast the Gohan and Cell shoes might go, fans of Dragonball and Sneakers better have a power level over 9000 to be able to grab a pair.

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