HyperX launches Cloud Mix, the on-the-go gaming Bluetooth headset

Contrary to popular belief, gamers don’t spend most of their time sitting in front of their gaming rigs or consoles just playing video games all day long. A majority of them have lives outside of the virtual world, and for that, HyperX wants them to be able to take their headsets with them whenever they’re on the go.

Today HyperX announced the HyperX Cloud Mix, its first Bluetooth-enabled gaming headset that is directly catered to gamers who are always on the move. The Cloud Mix will combine HyperX’s stellar sound with a sleek, stylish look, and uncompromised comfort. The Cloud Mix is engineered to be wired as well as cord-free so that gamers can play games, listen to music, and voice chat.

The Cloud Mix is designed with HyperX’s Cloud DNA, which can be found in the Cloud 2 and Cloud Alpha gaming headset. The Cloud Mix will have a custom dynamic 40mm driver with neodymium magnets. The headset will feature dual chamber technology as well as be certified to deliver sound up to 40 kHz, making it meet the requirements for Hi-Res Audio.

The Cloud Mix will be built with two microphone options. One will be a flexible and detachable gaming mic that is TeamSpeak and Discord certified which will be utilized when playing video games. The other will be an internal mic for Bluetooth mode. This will make the headset travel-friendly giving the user the ability to answer phone calls, as well as play mobile games and utilize other types of entertainment. The Cloud Mix also has intuitive onboard controls for easy and quick access to audio and mic controls which include audio indicators that display the headphones status while in Bluetooth mode. The Cloud Mix will have two options for audio connectivity with one being a detachable braided cable to be used with any devices with a 3.5mm auxiliary port, and of course, the Bluetooth connection which will offer up to 20 hours of use.

I have several gaming headsets that I’ve attempted to use as headphones to listen to music, but the problem I’ve always run into was that they were always too cumbersome to use, even if it had a detachable or retractable mic. Most of them also required the use of a cable, which to me is just a nuisance in this day and age. It’s clearly evident that HyperX knew what the next step should be when it came to the evolution of gaming headsets, by creating a set of gaming cans that can be used whenever and wherever you go.

The HyperX Cloud Mix is available at HyperX Website and at BestBuy for $199.99

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