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It’s Halloween time, and that means amusement parks are turning themselves into a Halloween extravaganza. Universal Studios gets points for getting properties like Stranger Things, Halloween, Poltergeists and The Purge and Knott’s Scary Farm gets props for pushing the boundaries for scares. And then there’s Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, which stands out from the rest due to the secret rooms complete with specialty cocktails.

The mazes are back, and they mostly have the same name and theme from previous years. These include Intrepid, Feast, Deadrise, Lullaby, Circus, and B340. The maze that had a big makeover this year was Intrepid, which features the Iron Master searching for artifacts in the Scottish Highlands via the Intrepid Express. It included sets like the cemetery and Roselyn Chapel ruin filled with ghouls. We were very impressed with the ambiance, and it made great use of existing locations on the Queen Mary lot.

There are activities at Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor that you won’t find at other popular haunt attractions. First off is the secret bars located all around the event. There is a total of four, with 3 being inside mazes. To enter a secret bar, you’ll need designated wooden tokens for the particular bar. To get the tokens, you’ll need to find street monsters, bartenders, and attendants willing to trade tokens. The three secret bars inside the mazes include Circus, B340, Deadrise.

Circus’ SideBar

This was a fun secret bar since it’s located inside the Circus. It comes with a miniature arcade cabinet with screen and one giant button. The screen shows people walking through the maze, and when you press the button, it activates a scary mechanism for people walking by. The bar was vibrant, thanks to it being inside the Circus, and the shots we had were sweet and colorful. Here’s a hint for the actual location inside the maze: Mirrors.

The Broken Compass

Queen Mary's Dark Harbor

Credit: John Nguyen/Nerd Reactor

This is my favorite hidden bar since you actually get to drink inside the engine room of the Queen Mary. After getting your cocktails, you can roam around the deck, and then walk downstairs into the creepy corridors filled with pipes and catwalks. It’s very secluded, and you’ll definitely feel like you’ve stepped outside of Dark Harbor and into something else. Here’s a hint for the location: Look in the area near the Panic 4D experience.

B340’s The Line-Up

This is a very tiny secret bar that has a button for scaring guests inside the maze. The hosts are friendly, and they’ll even take photos of you inside. The walls are decorated with mugshots from what I’m guessing are killers. And here’s a hint for its location: look for flames near the beginning.

Deadrise’s Door 13

Now this is a big hidden bar, and you’ll be able to see it if you’re walking through the Deadrise maze. It’s definitely the liveliest of all the secret bars, and everything is amplified by the red button of doom. What does it do? See the video above to see.

Lullaby’s Seance Lounge

This one isn’t much of a secret since anyone can access it, but it includes a table for tarot card reading and a bar. The drinks of choice include the Green Gummy Bear and Mary’s Last Breakfast. It’s near the exit, so you can go out with a bang.

Ice Cave

It’s not a secret bar, but we wanted to include this because you get to drink vodka inside a 9-degree ice bar. To enter the bar, you’ll get to borrow a parka. It will cost you $9 for the experience, and it’s located next to the Intrepid.

Aside from the secret bars, guests will also be able to smoke inside the Haunted Hookah lounge, drink at not-so-hidden bars spread out all over, and more.

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