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Mystery crime thrillers have become a rarity in Hollywood these days. Today’s audiences focus more on event films than they do with original films. It’s a sad reality but it is a reality. Once in a while, we get a mystery crime thriller that graces theaters across the world. Nomis is just the latest iteration of the genre. But does Nomis follow the long line of excellent films or is it simply a mediocre film?

Thankfully, Nomis is an excellent edge of your seat thriller with as many twists and turns as a roller coaster.

Nomis follows Marshall, his police force, and a local vigilante who all get caught up in a dangerous scheme involving the abduction and murder of females.

Nomis - Alexandra Daddario & Brendan Fletcher

As a mystery thriller, Nomis excels at keeping you at the edge of your seat. The twists and turns are intense and the main characters are never safe from the killer. This isn’t a film where the heroes searching for the killer are safe from harm. The heroes do get hurt in this film, which is something rarely seen in this type of film. The killer isn’t in love with the thrill of the chase. Instead, the killer kills for the love of murder.

At the same time, the film is really unpredictable. Even if you’ve seen a lot of films in this genre, the twists and turns are something that you won’t anticipate. This isn’t a film that won’t out the genre on its head. However, the film will give you enough thrills that’ll keep you invested throughout.

Thankfully, the film’s twist won’t make or break the film. The film doesn’t necessarily build up to the reveal. Instead, the film ultimately builds up to the capture and defeat of the villain. However, the twist only enhances the film since it basically makes you dislike the villain even more.

Unfortunately, the film doesn’t seem to juggle the characters very well. Smaller supporting characters randomly appear in scenes and are never fully utilized. With as many characters as there are in the film, it was only inevitable. Also, a majority of the characters never really seem to develop in the film. Essentially, the only character that evolves in the film is Marshall.

Nomis - Henry Cavill

This is a good thing for Henry Cavill. At the beginning of the film, Cavill gives such a stiff and wooden performance. Seemingly, all of his British charm is just gone. Thankfully, as the film progresses, he begins to show more and more emotion. He’s still a stiff but at least he’s a stiff that shows some emotion.

Alexandra Daddario gives such a sweet and innocent performance. But she has a quiet ferocity that reveals itself at times during the film. It’s definitely a different kind of role for the actress. As always, Ben Kingsley is amazing. He has such a cool and collected manner that he’s easily the biggest standout in the film. Not to mention, he steals every scene he’s in.

Yet it’s Brendan Fletcher that is the biggest surprise in the film. He gives the film such a versatile performance that you have no idea if he really is mentally ill or if he’s pulling a Keyser Soze. It’s that doubt that drives the intrigue of the story. He practically makes the film what it is.

Overall, Nomis is a really good mystery crime thriller that rides like a roller coaster. There are so many twists and turns that it’ll leave you at the edge of your seat until the very end. Not to mention, the film’s unpredictability will keep you guessing throughout the film as well.

Rating: 4/5 atoms

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