Fortnite is getting the Funko Pop! vinyl treatment

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What happens when you combine one of the most popular games right now and one of the most popular collectible figure lines? You get the Funko Pop! vinyl versions of Fortnite, the 3rd-person battle royale shooter. (It recently had to remove “embarrassing” boob physics; however, killing your enemies is still okay.) Once you’ve had your fill of dropping out of the sky and trying to claim that number one spot, you can soon own your favorite skins.

It’s not Valentine’s Day yet, but who needs a holiday to tell you when to feel romantic. Check out the Love Ranger and Cuddle Team Leader Pocket Pop! Keychains.

Love Ranger Pop! Keychain

Cuddle Team Leader Pop! Keychain

And collect the many Pop! vinyl figures, which you can see below.

Cuddle Team Leader

Love Ranger


Highrise Assault Trooper


 Codename E.L.F.

Brite Bomber

Black Knight

Tower Recon Specialist

Skull Trooper

Red-nosed Raider



Merry Marauder

Fortnite is inspired by the Japanese film, Battle Royale, and is a battle royale shooter that is all about the last person or team standing, whether you’re playing in solo, duos or quads mode. There are different strategies to getting to the top, either by killing everyone in your way or hiding until you’re one of the last people alive. The game has over 125 million players, and it has a long list of outfits and characters including John Wick. There’s even an event that featured Thanos from Avengers: Infinity war.

The Fortnite Pop! collection will be available in November.

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