Murder Co: Hardcore escape room to have more blood and intensity for Halloween

Murder Co: Hardcore

It’s been a few weeks since we went through Black Market’s Murder Co escape room in Upland, CA. Since then I still can’t stop thinking and talking about my experience. Murder Co essentially had everything you wanted in an escape room. It was engaging, intense, and downright fun. With the Halloween season coming up, the folks over at Black Market has promised to deliver us something that will take their escape room from a ten to a heart-pounding twenty!

Labeled as Murder Co: Hardcore, Black Market is taking their escape room and adding more blood and gore and will be “INTENSE as F**k!” This limited event will be a complete redesign of their normal immersive horror escape room experience. Running only on select days in October, Murder Co: Hardcore will have a new story and puzzles and a revamped experience for groups up to 8 people.

Now if you were fortunate enough to experience Murder Co as I have and you want to experience their new “hardcore” version, well they have something for you. That is if you want to amp up your experience. Returning members of Murder Co can request a special feature that they call “Snakes In The Grass.” Whispering this little passphrase to your host upon entry will allow up to two previous members to become part of the storyline.

After my experience with Murder Co, I thought to myself, “It’s going to be a while until something can top this,” but then it was as if Jon Cooke and company were listening and wanted to prove me wrong. Throughout the 60 minutes I was in Murder Co, my heart was pumping full of excitement. With the new “hardcore” immersion, I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s going to be like. But one thing’s for certain, I know I’m going to enjoy the hell out of it.

You can book your Murder Co: HARDCORE experience at

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