Respawn RSP-400 Review: A Chair for the Big and Tall

Respawn RSP-400 Nerd Reactor Review

There are a few reasons you are reading this. Analytics from many sites show that the majority of reviews are read to validate a purchase. Otherwise, you are likely in the market for a new gaming chair. Either way, you came to the right place. This is not my first rodeo. I’ve reviewed Noblechairs, Nitro-Concepts, AK Racing, Arozzi, and DXRacer chairs and know my way around a quality chair. So how does the Respawn RSP-400 hold up? Well, you might be surprised.


The setup process was very simple and can likely be done by one person. I honestly didn’t need to refer to the instructions very much. The only pieces you’ll need a screwdriver for are the armrests and the base cushion. The wheels, pneumatic lift, and backrest all slide into place. The lumbar and headrest pillows are already strapped onto the RSP-400. Setup should take all of 5-10 min.

Build & Quality

The RSP-400 is built to hold us big boys and girls. It increases the weight capacity to 400 pounds from the current 275-pound standard. The first thing I noticed was the base of the seat. It is much larger than your average chair. The space between the armrests is 22.75″-24.25″. That means plenty of room for the tushy. The armrest is very functional. What they call 3D armrests basically means they adjust to height, width, and depth.

RSP-400 Nerd Reactor Review

The backrest is well contoured, holding the body straight in the chair. I did find that the headrest pillow was placed far too low. It sat right between my shoulder blades. The headrest and lumbar pillow are easy to remove. Respawn uses a common clip which you can unclip to make it a bit more comfortable. I did find it kind of odd that the only branding that can be found is on that headrest pillow. So if you remove it, the RSP-400 will look interestingly generic. The lumbar pillow can slide up and down so that you can find your preferred position.

The backrest can recline up to 130 degrees for you risk takers out there. I never found a use for going that far back, but I guess I like to play it safe. Similar to many chairs these days, there is a lever on the right side that one can pull to adjust the recline. Unfortunately, the RSP-400 I received had some issues. Within the first 24 hours, the plastic on that handle came off, exposing the not-so-comfortable-to-grab metal underneath. Also, the plastic piece that is intended to make the lever flush with the material of the chair also came loose and now wiggles around.

The material they use for the chair is some form of bonded leather (not a premium feel). It’s soft and smooth to the touch, but they are solid cuts. This means that after hours of gaming, there are no vents or holes for all that hot air to escape. The cushions are quite soft too, but with the combination of a soft leather seat and nowhere for the air to flow, I found myself adjusting in the seat to allow for some airflow. The wheels are fairly standard and roll as expected. The RSP-400 definitely feels sturdy and firm. That’s an important thing to have, especially in a chair for the big and tall.

Final Reaction

When compared to all the chairs on the market, this one is far from perfect, but for the big and tall, this is worth some consideration. The price tag is currently $274.99, which I think is about $100 more than what it should be. The RSP-400 could have been a great chair with some minor changes.

Rating: 2.5/5 Atoms

RSP-400 Review Nerd Reactor

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