MyCharge battery bank review

MyCharge is looking to add something to the battery bank game with the Unplugged 10k battery bank. It’s adding a Qi-Enabled wireless charging to the battery bank while still having USB ports for normal charging needs.


MyCharge battery bank comes in a milky white charger with the MyCharge name and a circle outline to show you where the wireless Qi charger is located and where you can place your phone. Just below the circle are the power button and the battery percentage lights. And below those are two USB chargers for extra locations to charge other items. This came charged at 75 percent and lasted me 4 days of use, and I let it charge all night so it can be at 100 percent.


This has been a bit of a hit and miss for me. At first I plugged my phone (Galaxy S8+) into the left USB and got a fast charging connection for a good minute or so, but as soon as I placed my phone down it made a noise as if it disconnected and reconnected. And when I checked, it did drop the fast charging capabilities and went to regular charging. So I changed my cables three times and now it is only showing fast charge for a split second and disappears. I thought it was malfunctioning and so I contacted MyCharge and was told that it only fast charges wirelessly. So I use the wireless pad to fast charge and to do a normal charge on the USBs.

One concern when I used the fast charger is that both the phone and the battery bank heat up quite a bit after 20-30 minutes. It’s not to the point where it is too hot to touch, but enough to know that it is warming up. So I just fast charge the phone for that 30 minutes and then charge it via USB.

Final Reaction

This would be a great charger, but the heating issue does scare me. It does charge well in both wireless and USB, but if it were not for the heat problem, I would give it a better score. I would suggest waiting for the next version to come out. Hopefully, they will have had the heat problem solved.

Rating: 3.5/5 Atoms

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