CCP confirms Project Nova and unannounced action-MMO exclusively using Unreal Engine 4

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CCP Games, the team behind the spaceship MMO game EVE Online, has confirmed that it’s exclusively developing with Unreal Engine 4 for its upcoming games. This means that Project Nova, the class-based first-person shooter that takes place in the EVE Online universe, will be utilizing the engine. In addition, CCP’s unannounced action-MMO will also be partaking.

The reasons for the support come from the engine’s stability, quick prototyping and the cross-platform support for current and new hardware. Other features that have the team excited include fluid integration of third-party systems, improved networking, and cross-platform support via plug-ins and modules, lighting and rendering solutions, world composition, landscape sculpting and Blueprint prototyping.

“Although CCP Games has used versions of Unreal Engine for more than 10 years on various projects, Unreal Engine 4.20 has massive improvements,” said Bing Xi, Development Director at CCP Shanghai. “UE4’s latest enhancements, like the new ProxyLOD mesh reduction tool and the new Niagara VFX editor are among the many features that make game development a more efficient process.”

By having all the upcoming games developed using Unreal Engine 4, it will allow CCP’s studios to share in-house information for future planning. It will also allow CCP games to transition to different platforms easily.

“Working with Epic Games using their engine source code, which is open to all Unreal developers, is great for both AAA and indie studios alike, thanks to the huge amount of support options available,” said James Dobrowski, Executive Producer on the unannounced action-MMO being created at CCP London. “UE4’s Blueprints system allows us to prototype and iterate quickly, and its world-class AAA pipelines allow us to focus on crafting great gameplay and stunningly beautiful worlds.”

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