SDCC: Demoing the wonderful worlds of Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III

It’s been fourteen years since the release of Kingdom Hearts III. Fourteen years of patience. Fourteen years of waiting for a proper sequel to Kingdom Hearts II. Now, as we inch ever so close to that January release date, we got a chance to demo two levels from the game. The first world we tried is the Toy Story level which is as cheerful and bright as you can imagine. Not only did this world bring me back to my adolescence watching the first Toy Story but it brought me back to the Kingdom Hearts series that I loved playing fourteen years ago.

It’s stunning to see the amount of detail put into recreating Andy’s room from the Toy Story franchise. However, the interactions in the room are very limited. For example, you can’t just go around Andy’s room and open up drawers or doors. Also, small little Easter eggs like a dusty Wheezer atop Andy’s shelf isn’t there either. You also won’t be able to explore the rest of the house either. Meaning you won’t be able to go into Molly’s room or meet Buster. Now, that may change between now and the release date. Nevertheless, the entire world looks beautiful.

Kingdom Hearts III - Toy Story level

In addition, the game itself is exactly how you remember it. Of course, there are differences to the game mechanics but the base control scheme is essentially the same. The biggest difference is the inclusion of dynamic special attacks. These special attacks can clear out a large number of enemies. These special attacks also a specific theme to it according to what level you’re on. Additionally, if you’re in a bind you can easily use your special abilities such as spells. It’ll take some time to learn the new systems but it adds to a robust experience.

The next section once you get past Andy’s room involves you piloting a toy robot. Piloting these robots is similar to piloting mechs in Titanfall. It’s not as fast-paced as Titanfall but the basic strategy is the same.

Afterward, it was time to switch on over to the next level, the Hercules-themed Olympus. The level that we played is one gigantic boss fight. At times, the level felt like a cartoonish version of a God of War level. Instead of painstakingly climbing up a wall, Kingdom Hearts III had us point ourselves to a wall and run towards it to automatically ascend the mountain cliff.

Kingdom Hearts III - Olympus level

The fight was fairly simple yet incredibly fun. Primarily due to the fact that we get to ride Disneyland’s Big Thunder Mountain train while shooting at the boss.

Overall, Kingdom Hearts III feels as if it was put on “easy” mode in order to give players a chance to complete the levels. However, the game felt a little TOO easy. Especially when you mix all of the game’s robust battle system. Be that as it may, the fun of the demo was mixing all of the move sets together to defeat the Heartless. But I guess we’ll find out when Kingdom Hearts III is released.

Kingdom Hearts III hits PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 25, 2019.

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