James Harden unleashes his style with the new Harden LS 2 shoe

It’s been a great year for NBA superstar James Harden. He led the Houston Rockets to the best win record in franchise history, as well as leading his team to Western Conference Finals. On top of that, he just received the coveted NBA MVP award for the 2017-2018 season. Off the court, James Harden just donated to his former middle school to help remodel their gymnasium. All in all, like Harden has said, “He’s in a good place.”

Basketball revolves around James Harden and now he wants to show his fans his other side, his keen and expressive fashion sense. The Schwag Champ and Adidas return with the release of the Harden LS 2, a lifestyle shoe that’s modeled after James’ signature shoe, the Harden Vol. 2. The LS 2 takes James off the court and on to the streets showcasing Harden’s unique persona and individual style.

The new Harden LS 2 will come in three different styles:


From pregame tunnels to the runway, Harden keeps his style clean one night and is ready to show out the next. Night Life returns with Harden LS 2 with two special editions, buckled and laced, suited in black suede and premium leather.


Designed with a buckle strap and full-length Boost, Harden LS 2 Cargo features a light beige outsole and olive tones across a raw leather upper.


James’ remembers Zeus, his best friend and pet bulldog that passed away a few years ago, with a special laced edition of Harden LS 2. Inspired by Zeus’ coat of fur, the silhouette features a dark gray upper and premium leather detailing.  

Harden LS 2 also features debossed signature details that call on the MVP’s senior year at Artesia High School.

There’s no denying that on the court Harden is an instinctively creative player, and it’s because of that, he won an MVP award, and with the new Harden LS 2, James wants to show that his creativeness is not just tied to the courts. Working with Adidas James was able to take that sense of creative individualism and translate it into an everyday lifestyle shoe for all his fans.

Harden LS 2 Cargo, Night Life (Buckle) and Zeus drop June 29, while Night Life (Laces) releases July 1 for $160 on adidas.com and select retailers.

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