Snakebyte debuts new gaming tech at E3 2018


Snakebyte is a relatively new gaming accessory company that hit E3 hard with a new line of PC and console gaming accessories. Although they are relatively unknown, they have some of the best accessories that I have seen so far. Rivaling their competition, Snakebyte makes solid products with expert manufacturing that they’re so proud of, they offer an unbeatable 5-year warranty, the longest I have seen.

At E3 they showcased a few new products including:

Game:Mouse Ultra, a beautifully designed mouse built for the eSports community. It features a removable weight system, programmable action buttons, and superbly robust design.

Four new gaming Headsets called the Head:Set 4, Head:Set X, Head:Set 4 Pro and Head:Set X Pro featuring high-quality 40mm and 50mm Neodymium drivers, unheard of audio fidelity at the price point being targeted by Snakebyte.

New PS4 controllers including the Glow:Pad 4 which arrives in wired or wireless form and features subtle backlit RGB lighting. The Game:Pad 4 S Pro cuts the cord and is one of the few third-party PS4 controllers to be totally wireless, available with an all-new fresh design and in colors such as ‘Bubblegum Camo’ to help trick out your gaming rig!

The PS4 controllers were impressive with a larger center and tighter collection of buttons. It provides the comfort for Xbox fans but on the PS4 platform. Their controller options also include some for Android, Nintendo Switch, and PC gaming controllers giving you options for all of your gaming. They also offer a PS4 and Xbox One disc cabinet with USB hub that not only holds your games but charges your controllers as they sit on top. Another cool accessory they offer is a battery pack for the Nintendo Switch for those of you that are mobile gamers.

Snakebyte can currently be found online through their online store and Amazon.

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