Choices in Dying Light 2 will affect The City’s inhabitants

Dying Light 2 E3 2018

Developer Techland hit it big with the zombie genre, with Dead Island being its first foray into that realm. Afterward, the company had a huge hit with Dying Light, the zombie parkour survival horror game, and it had 3.2 million people playing the game in the first 45 days since launch. Fans are craving more, and Techland released an announcement trailer and gameplay video for Dying Light 2 during E3 2018. We got the chance to see an extended gameplay walkthrough of the gameplay video released, and players will get to have more options of shaping the world than ever before.

Dying Light updated the zombie survival horror by adding first-person parkour action in an open world environment. Imagine if Mirror’s Edge had a baby with Resident Evil. And you’ll need it when nighttime hits since zombies are more dangerous. Dying Light 2 looks to continue the trend, and this time you’ll have more moves at your disposal. The game takes place 15 years after the events from the first game, and this time it’s set in The City, one of the last cities in Europe. The map is bigger, with The City being four times bigger than the map in Dying Light.

The mission shown to us required the player to get the water tower up and running. Depending on which faction you help out, the town can change to benefit you, but it can also lead to oppression against the people. Stealth is an option, and you can play it smart by sneaking around or using alternative routes. Parkour is back, and it will help you complete missions by allowing you to climb up all over the map. For the mission, the inside building will require some parkour skills to reach to the top. There are dialogue options, so your answers can change the course of the future. Environments are very interactive; for example, you can throw a bucket at an enemy, get them dazed, and then jump and grab a bar and kick them off the edge.

For this demo, the developer decided to help out the Peacekeeper faction who rules with an iron fist (hanging people isn’t out of the question). On the plus side, we were able to drink from the water fountain for health freely in addition to having access to new ziplines and not having to worry about bandits in a region. If you were to help the criminals Jack and Joe, the town will still be in disarray, but at least you can get a cut from the group selling water to the public. These are tough choices, and the team knows what they’re doing by making you question your morals.

There really isn’t anything groundbreaking in the demo, but Techland is taking what worked in Dying Light and adding more parkour and action moves and options to create an immersive and bigger world. There’s no news on an actual release date, but expect Dying Light 2 to hit PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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