The Council Episode 2 ‘Hide and Seek’ review

After two months of waiting, the second episode of The Council finally arrives. “Hide and Seek” picks up where the first episode left off, and it introduces a few new characters. Because of the nature of The Council, not everyone will have the same story flow for the game. This review follows the adventure if players choose to meet with Elizabeth Adams at the end of the first episode. In order to preserve the mystery of “Hide and Seek,” this review is presented spoiler free.

Hide and Seek: The Plot Thickens

The start of the episode has players being greeted with a brief rundown of the previous episode of events. As Louis continues the search for his missing mother, he comes face to face with the enigmatic Lord Mortimer. Mortimer then gives Louis a few clues and presents him with a new mystery that will lead him to his mother. The player then continues on their own, exploring the grounds even further than before.

The game itself centers around Louis de Richet as he explores the island of the mysterious Lord Mortimer. Throughout the game, players are tasked with solving some minor puzzles and detective work as they attempt to find Louis’ missing mother. The gameplay feels very similar to that of a Telltale game in which players explore locations and find various objects to help progress the investigation.

The Mystery Deepens

“Hide and Seek” doesn’t break from the formula the first episode establishes. The pacing is much of the same and the storytelling still shines. Some of the characters introduced in this episode don’t stick out as much as the ones from episode one. This isn’t really the game’s fault. It’s just a bit hard to surpass the initial interactions with characters such as George Washington in the first episode.

The gameplay manages to stay interesting even though some parts of the investigation seem to drag on. These moments do feel like a lull, but not in the sense that you’re waiting for the game to trigger the next event. It feels more like you’re trying to put pieces to together that you may not be able to find depending on the skill trees you’ve chosen.

Final Reaction

If you enjoyed the first episode, Hide and Seek won’t disappoint. It definitely makes good on the promises of a story that adapts to the choices you make rather than sticking you on a specific path that moderately changes.

Rating: 3.5 Atoms

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