Godzilla: Hoshi wo Ku Mono, the final of the anime trilogy is announced

Godzilla: Hoshi wo Ku Mono

The Godzilla anime official website has dropped news of the third and final Godzilla film. It is titled Godzilla: Hoshi wo Ku Mono (Stareater) which will be released in November of this year in Japan. It also dropped a visual teaser of a special 3-headed dragon, Ghidorah.

With news of the third film, we’re still waiting for the second anime film to hit Netflix, which is titled Godzilla: Kessen Kido Zoshoku Toshi (City on the Edge of Battle). The second of the trilogy came out on May 18th in Japan. The first one came out in November of last year, and two months later, it arrived on Netflix. So we can probably expect the same to happen for the second movie.

The first movie has Godzilla taking over Earth 20,000 years into the future with humanity on the verge of extinction and fighting for survival. The second one features fan-favorite Mechagodzilla, and it will do battle with the 300-meter monster, Godzilla Earth. As for the third movie, no word yet on the story but we know Ghidorah is going to be involved from the visual teaser that was released.

Check out the trailer for the first film, Godzilla: Monster Planet below.

Source: Godzilla-anime

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