Adidas launches the new AM4LA shoe

This weekend Adidas is releasing the brand new AM4LA, a high-performance running shoe that’s made with Parley Ocean Plastic. To celebrate the release, Adidas is opening a SPEEDFACTORY lab experience in Santa Monica and inviting sneaker fans to come and experience Adidas future of footwear creation.

Before you enter the speed factory, it’s recommended that you sign up on the website using your smartphone. This will serve as your access to some of the data output points. These points will let you scan your face for a cool selfie pic. You can scan your feet to see what size you really are, and if you’re up for the challenge, you’ll be allowed to try on a pair of AM4LA shoes on a treadmill. Once you finish going through the speed factory, you can access all your data right on your smartphone.

Adidas has already released several AM4 shoes for London, Paris, and New York, with each shoe specifically designed to represent the city in some way. With Los Angeles, Adidas wanted to capture our coastal beauty within the shoe. They teamed up with Parley to take recycled plastic debris that’s gathered from coastal areas to generate a yarn that’s used to create the upper part of the shoe. Each pair of AM4LA shoes prevents the equivalent of 11 plastic bottles from going into the ocean. To ensure that the shoe is comfortable, Adidas then worked with runners to generate sports data to optimize the shoe for performance, movement, and fit.

Along with the ocean plastic yarn, Adidas is incorporating some of their known features to round out the AM4LA. Inside the sole, you’ll find a floating torsion bar which will precisely balance flexibility and stability for a more comfortable heel to toe transition. The sole utilizes Adidas’ known boost technology to give your feet a responsive cushioning when they impact the ground. The upper and sole of the shoe is digitally bonded together to eliminate the use of any glues which allows a stronger, durable shoe that can handle even the most extreme physical movements.

Ben Herath, VP of Design for Adidas running said this about the new AM4LA

“With AM4LA, we set out to reexamine and change our traditional ways of design and production. We want to make sure that we not only deliver the best for our athlete but also do what is best for our planet. By leveraging SPEEDFACTORY’s digital production capabilities, integrating Parley Ocean Plastic® into it, and pushing our designers’ creative boundaries, we have successfully created a high performance running shoe while simultaneously reducing waste and unnecessary by-products.”

The AM4LA will be available at the Adidas Santa Monica store and select consortium retailers on May 25th for $200 USD. It will be available online on on June 2nd.

If you’re in Santa Monica this weekend, stop by the Adidas speed factory located at the Fairmont Hotel & Bungalows.

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