Hearthstone update 9.1 brings balance changes

Last week Blizzard announced a new patch for their hit card game Hearthstone. Hearthstone update 9.1 brings in several new card cost changes and updates some card values. However, this update doesn’t arrive until after the HCT Playoffs. While that is a bit away, these proposed changes highlight hefty changes coming to the game.

The first change is the cost of Naga Sea Witch, which goes from 5 mana to 8. This card gave players the ability to play more powerful cards earlier. This proved to be too strong for most decks to be able to counter it.

The next change is the cost of Spiteful Summoner rising from 6 mana to 7. This card gave players with a lot of high mana spell cards a lot of powerful minions at its disposal. By increasing the card cost by one, the deck is still powerful but more manageable to play against.

The change to Dark Pact keeps its mana cost the same but decreases the amount of healing it gives. This way Warlock classes have to be more careful with how much damage they sustain in a turn.

The cost change of Possessed Lackey from 5 mana to 6 is similar to the same reasoning for Naga Sea Witch. All in all, this is a balance change to help decks that would be unable to deal with the early and mid-game combos this card could create.

Call to Arms is being used a lot in two of the most popular Paladin decks: Even Paladin and Murloc Paladin. The cost change from 4 mana to 5 prevents it from being as powerful as it was before and restricts it from Even Paladin decks.

Lastly, the mana cost for Crystal Core is to stay the same, but the attack value on minions has decreased from 5/5 to 4/4. This is to combat the deck being unable to compete against most decks types.

For more on the Official Hearthstone update, head on over to https://playhearthstone.com/en-us/blog/21758133 to read the complete patch notes.

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