Marshall releases the new Major III Bluetooth headphone

If you’re a musician, then you know the name Marshall. For years they’ve been making some of the best amps that musicians can buy. But for the last few years, they’ve taken that same build quality that’s found in their amps and have pivoted it towards headphones.

Recently Marshall released the new iteration of their “Major” headphone line with the Major III Bluetooth. With the Major III, Marshall is re-engineering their modern go-to classic headphone for a more refined design an upgraded technology. Inside you’ll find 40mm dynamic drives that will deliver enhanced bass, with smooth mids and lows. With Bluetooth APTX you’ll get exceptional audio quality within a 30ft range, and 30+ hours of playtime on a single charge.

The Major III design is sticking to Marshalls original iconic look, but of course with some minor design changes. The headphones will be dressed in black, giving it a nice silhouette appearance. The entire headphone will be wrapped in durable vinyl covering, with Marshall’s iconic logo stamped on the earcups. The redesign of the Major III will feature slimmed down ergonomic hinges that allow the headphones to be collapsible. Rounding off the new design is thicker loop wires and reinforced rubber dampers to provide a solid and sturdy built quality. As far as comfort, the ear-cups are rebuilt as well as the plush, straight fit headband that will give you superior comfort for hours of listening.

With Marshall being a leading name in the music business for years, it’s good to them see expanding their business and creating products that non-musicians can buy. Everyone, including myself, loves to listen to music and to enjoy them, and you’ll need some headphones that can really pack a punch.

The Major III is available now for $149 on Marshalls’ official website here

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