HyperX Cloud Revolver II headset review

If you’re into gaming, then you know the name HyperX. For years they’ve been creating quite possibly some of the best and affordable gaming peripherals on the market, and it seems they won’t be slowing down anytime soon. As part of their “cloud” gaming headset series, HyperX has added a new model, the “Cloud Revolver II.”


The HyperX Cloud Revolver II has a nice sleek black design that gives it a low profile. The headset itself is made from a single piece of thin steel, which gives it durability and flexibility. The ear cups are made of plastic and rubber and display HyperX’s signature logo. The padding on the ear cups and headband utilizes HyperX’s signature memory foam which makes the headset very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The foam itself is wrapped in a leather-like fabric allowing them to be easily cleaned with a simple wipe of a cleaning cloth. The padded headband slides up and down and doesn’t lock to your desired fit. Instead, it moves freely enabling you to quickly put on or take off the headset with ease. This also allows you to have a perfect fit every time you put it on.

The headset’s microphone is durable and flexible and almost feels as if the entire thing is made of rubber. It can also be easily detached. So if your intentions are to use the headset to listen to the audio from your video games or listen to music, you can do so without being burdened with a microphone in your face. The headset has an extra long braided cable so reaching your audio outputs on your PC shouldn’t be a problem. It’s built with two separate audio jacks, one dedicated to the audio, and the other for your audio. The cable itself has a built-in audio control which gives you the option to mute your microphone or adjust the headset volume. One great feature about the headset cable is that it is can be broken down into two parts. If you want to use your headset for your console or listen to music on your smartphone, you can do so with ease.


The Cloud Revolver II is built with next-gen 50mm drivers that are positioned parallel to the ears. This allows the headset to crank out crisp, precise audio with enhanced bass, and I will say that the headset does exactly what it’s meant to do when pumping out audio. The sound is crisp and clear and it helped me hear even the slightest sounds. When chatting with teammates, voices came in very audible. One thing I did notice when listening to my own voice coming through the headset’s microphone was that my voice had a slight echo to it.

When it came to listening to music, the Cloud Revolver II did pretty well.  When listening to classical or orchestral music, the audio came in fairly even. Mid’s and Low’s had a nice overall balance to them. When listening to music such as Hip-Hop or EDM, the headset had a nice punch to the highs. When maxing out the volume I did notice that the headset began to have some distortion in the audio.


Overall the HyperX Cloud Revolver II is a great headset for the price it comes with.  It boasts a nice clean and sleek design that’s very comfortable to wear. It has a nice durable build to hit that can be easily slipped on and off the head, without feeling too clunky.  Though optimized for video games, the headset is still great to use as a pair of audio headphones that you can wear outdoors. The audio is clean, crisp, and fairly balanced, and provides an overall enjoyable listening experience.

The Cloud Revolver comes in two different models, the Cloud Revolver and the Cloud Revolver S.  Both can be purchased on HyperX’s website here and at major online retailers.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

*(This review is based on the Cloud Revolver Model, not the Revolver S)

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