Kill Xenomorphs in Alien: Descent, a free-roaming VR 4D experience

alien: descent free-roaming vr experience

FoxNext and Pure Imagination Studios have teamed up for the ultimate free-roaming VR experience, and it is now available to check out at Outlets at Orange in Orange County. (I still call it The Block.)

Imagine yourself as an elite squad of Colonial Marines on a mission to investigate a distress signal coming from a Weyland-Yutani mining outpost. Equipped with your rifle, you roam around the outpost to find out if there’s any danger. It’s pretty quiet as you’re walking around and surveying the area. Later on, you find a survivor… however, he’s been infected and wants your team to end his life. It’s a tough call to make, but time is of the essence since a swarm of alien creatures are starting to attack. There’s nothing else you can do other to escape for dear life and blast the aliens away with your rifle. You have to be alert, since they can be anywhere, and communicating with your teammates is essential in calling out the threat.

Of course, this is all happening inside a VR headset, and you are actually using your body to move instead of using a controller. You get to hold an actual rifle prop, and to navigate the mining outpost, you physically walk on an actual set.

Af first I was afraid to walk because I was afraid to hit a real wall in front of me. If you have played the HTC Vive, there’s a wall sensor that lets you know if you’re about to hit the bedroom or living room wall via a wall indicator. With Alien: Descent, you can walk anywhere to explore, and you won’t have to worry about hitting a wall since you will be guided via the in-game’s platform. Another added bonus is that is doesn’t require you to wear a PC backpack, so you’re completely wireless. Yes, you can spin around like a mad person, and your body is tracked thanks to the motion-tracking sensors on your arms and legs.

Being able to roam freely with VR is already an immersive experience, and the team behind Alien: Descent has decided to turn it up a notch with the addition of 4D. Yes, you’ll feel the heat from being near a reactor core, the wind blowing against you as ships fly by, and the feeling of going up or down inside an elevator shaft. My favorite part was walking on the platform and being able to touch what I see. For example, there are rails along the catwalk, and I can actually hold onto them as if I’m actually there.

Since it’s not using a high-end VR headset like the HTV Vive or Oculus, the graphics could be better. But once you’re armed with a rifle and have the freedom to roam around, you’ll be immersed in no time.

Do I recommend checking this out? Yes, especially if you love VR and want a really immersive experience. Hopefully, this will lead to an actual set filled with Xenomorph animatronics, but that’s definitely going to require a heftier fee like in HBO’s Westworld.

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