CinemaCon 2018: Ethan Hunt is on the run in Mission: Impossible – Fallout clip

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After an insightful breakdown of a stunt scene by Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie, it was time to see some new footage for Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

Before the clip, director Christopher McQuarrie gave audiences context as to what they’re about to watch. Basically, after the HALO jump, Ethan Hunt infiltrates a terrorist organization as the leader of said organization. However, he realizes that in order to complete his mission he must do the one thing that he doesn’t want to do: Free Solomon Lane from prison.

Here’s a small inside look at what to expect when Paramount publicly releases this Mission: Impossible – Fallout clip.

We begin alongside the Seine in Paris, France. We see plenty of dangerously armed soldiers in the back of a commercial transport truck. In another truck, we August Walker (Henry Cavill) look through a peep window within the cab of the truck. Ethan enters the cab and gets August bombards him with questions about Solomon Lane. Each action is more heinous than the last but they are also true. “If it sounds terrifying then it’s true,” Ethan tells him. August realizes that Ethan is the man responsible for capturing such a dangerous criminal. Ethan exits the cab and puts a tiny camera to the side of a pillar.

Next, we see a helicopter landing at a helipad. Inside is a shackled Solomon Lane that gets escorted into a police van. Unsurprisingly, the police van has a giant police presence alongside it. As the motorcade goes through the streets of Paris, a truck gets into “an accident” thus forcing the motorcade to divert routes. This is exactly what Ethan wanted.

Once he sees the motorcade on camera, August braces himself for impact. Ethan guns it and crashes into the side of the police van. As a result, the van falls into the river. Ethan backs up and tries to escape the scene. The momentum of the truck forces the terrorists in the back of the truck to all fall out of it. At the same time, the other van is confused as to what’s going on.

All of a sudden, we see Solomon Lane trying to escape the predicament that he’s currently in. Unfortunately for him, he’s in there tight. Realizing he can’t escape, Solomon Lane takes a deep breath as he goes underwater. At this instant, two divers come into play. They break Solomon out of lock up and put a bag over his head.

The clip goes back to Ethan and August as they’re trying to outrun the French police. They drive the truck through the tiniest of alleyways. Eventually, they crash into an alley that is too narrow for the truck. Luckily, this was all a part of their plan. At the same time, we see that the diver is actually Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg). The man helping Benji out of the water? None other than Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames).

Both August and Ethan have now escaped the truck and are running towards two sets of motorcycles. August drives off but Ethan’s bike is stalling. After several tries, Ethan starts up his bike as the French police begin shooting at him. He calls Benji and tells him that he needs an extraction.

Now, we see a thrilling chase through the beautiful streets of Paris. Several times it seems as if he’s about to get caught. But let’s face it, the French police are going up against Ethan Hunt. He knows how to escape even going as far as swerving against traffic at the Arc de Triomphe roundabout. Unfortunately, he goes to an area where he’s cornered from all sides. Yet, somehow, Ethan gets away from them all.

The problem is that he’s looking for the cops behind him when he should be looking at traffic. As a result, a car hits him and he’s flung from the motorcycle. He gets up and limps away from the cops. He falls into a hole where the police aren’t able to continue chasing after him. We soon find out that the hole is actually a skyhole for the Canal Saint-Martin and Benji has picked up Ethan on their boat.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout hits theaters on July 27th.

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