CinemaCon 2018: Bee needs a friend in first clip for Bumblebee

Bumblebee - Hailee Steinfeld

To kick off its annual CinemaCon presentation, Paramount gave the Vegas attendees a very first look at the Transformers spinoff. “I wanted to return to the essences of what made the Transformers franchise so impactful right from the beginning,” director Travis Knight said. “Character, emotion, spectacle, and explosions… Lots and lots of explosions.”

Here’s a glimpse of the footage shown at CinemaCon.

It’s 8 AM and Charlie Watson is struggling to get out of bed. A bed that’s very reminiscent of Marty McFly’s bedroom in Back to the Future. As she turns off her alarm clock, she grabs her Sony Walkman and jams to some 80s music. She even jams to the music as she’s brushing her teeth. Once she turns off the music, the same song is playing in the garage.

Charlie goes inside the garage to investigate where the music is coming from. Unsurprisingly, an old beat-up Volkswagen Beetle is sitting in the garage. All of a sudden, the music stops but something underneath the car falls down. Since this is a garage, she uses a roller board to see what’s going on beneath the car. As the flashlight scans the bottom of the car, it eventually stops on what looks like a face. Obviously, it is a face and it is here that Bumblebee reveals himself to Charlie. Bee looks at Charlie and smiles at her. As a result, Charlie freaks and Bee does too. His face gets caught in a kite and is flailing around trying to get rid of it.

Eventually, Bee gets rid of it. But this isn’t the same Bumblebee from the other films. He seems lonely here since he sits down in a corner of the garage, balls himself up, and looks sad. Charlie senses he’s harmless and closes the door to the garage. She’s not trying to escape. Like a spider, he’s more afraid of her as she is of him.

She puts away the wrench and tells him it’s okay. Next, she asks him if he can talk and he makes sounds and shakes his head no. Afterward, she asks him if he’s got a name and once again he makes sounds and shakes his head no. Thus, she names him Bumblebee because he “sounds like a bumblebee.” He lights up at the idea of being named Bumblebee.

Bee then points to her but she’s confused. At first, she thinks he’s asking about her heavy metal shirt. “Do you like metal,” she asks. Of course, Bee shakes his head no but points to her once again. She now realizes what he’s asking for: Her name. “Charlie. My name’s Charlie Watson.”

The clip ends but now we see the seemingly first trailer cut for the film. There’s a lot of explosions and scenes with Charlie, her friend, and Bee having fun driving along the California coast. We see Decepticons in the film as well and Bee fighting them all.

Bumblebee hits theaters on December 21st.

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