Fighting online players and creatures in Hunt: Showdown Early Access

Isometric multiplayer games seem to┬ábe gaining in popularity with each passing year. Hunt: Showdown is no exception. The game asks you to fight your way through enemies both human and inhuman. I’m talking of course about its blend of PvP and PvE. You see, in The Hunt, you’re facing not only supernatural horrors but other players as well. This creates a tense atmosphere in which you are simultaneously hunting and being hunted.

What Makes a Hunter

Hunt: Showdown does character creation a bit differently than other multiplayer games. Players purchase characters with in-game currency and start what the game calls “bloodlines.” Bloodlines help to dole out strengths and weaknesses of each character. This works similarly to the family lineage in Rogue Legacy. Each character has a loadout and different weapons can be purchased and upgraded to give your hunter better odds at survival. However, death is permanent. When a hunter dies, all their experience and weapons disappear, making you work for hours more to regain lost equipment.

Hunt: Showdown!

The gameplay is pretty fluid and standard for most first-person shooters. Because the game is using a sort of Victorian aesthetic, guns aren’t as accurate as most players would be used to. But this is mostly limited to the pistols and occasionally rifles. That being said the combat isn’t great to begin with. Since the game is still in early access, some of it is forgivable because it can get better with programming. For starters enemy AI is bad. While some enemies will try to pursue you when attacked, others seem to get leashed to certain locations and continually return when a player character isn’t nearby. This is especially true with some of the boss enemies.

But the enemy AI isn’t the only thing you’re competing against. Other players are by far the biggest obstacles in the game. In my experience, there are two types of enemy players. The first are those who will try to kill you as soon as the match starts by looking for your team. The others will wait until you have all but killed the boss yourself then come and kill you while your back is turned. The latter is by far the most frustrating.

Final Reaction

While Hunt: Showdown is still in early access, it manages to create a unique experience in the time of team-based shooters. My hope is that by the time it leaves Steam’s Early Access, the minor issues will be fixed.

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