Search for capsules and battle space pirates in EVE Online’s The Hunt event

eve online hunt

Get ready to return to New Eden with a new EVE Online event, The Hunt, which is available now until April 3rd. Players, for a limited time, will get to pilot their spaceship in the space MMO as they battle against the Guristas Pirates, a notorious pirate organization. It’s a race to retrieve the derelict capsules before the Guristas get to them, and players can get exclusive rewards like the Cerebral Accelerators, a Damage Modifier module, Boosters and Hunter’s Quiver SKINs.

The pilot capsules are spread across New Eden, and the Guristas have plans to use the expensive technology to advance their illegal cloning project. You wil be tasked with defeating them, completing challenges within the event sites, and collecting the capsules before they are gone. To start, the pilot must head to the nearest site, undock and warp to the location. Once there, they can handle the Gurastas and collect the empty capsules in the Facilities and turn them in before the pirates do.

In addition to the event, CCP Games has made updates to EVE Online including 95% reduction in the cap on fatigue accumulation, iteration on tethering mechanics that will make it a little riskier to travel from structure to structure via cynosural field, tweaks to the Entosis Link module and to Sovereignty capture events, a new ship focused on survivability called the Monitor, new Dramiel ‘Sariel’s Flames’ SKIN and more. You can visit EVE Online for the full list of updates.

The Hunt event sites are now available until April 3, and you can check it out via The Agency tab.

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