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From the moment the teaser trailer arrived, everyone began to see what made The Room so damn funny. There’s a fine line between being awfully bad and being so bad it’s hilarious. The Room is the latter. Yet The Disaster Artist isn’t just about how the film was made. It’s mostly about the strong bond between two friends who are chasing their dreams when Hollywood didn’t want them. This is where most of the heart comes from.

Not to mention that The Disaster Artist is a really funny film. The film earns every funny moment with all of the unbelievable stuff that happens in the film. And my goodness is everything you see unbelievable. Primarily it’s because of the contentious relationship between Greg and Tommy. You see that Tommy does a lot of nice things for Greg, However, he wants total loyalty in return. That means no girlfriends and no other Hollywood jobs. After everything, Greg still complies with Tommy’s wishes because of his friendship with him. Any other person would bite the hand that feeds them.

Yet upon multiple viewings, you tend to lose sympathy for Tommy. As the film drags on, all of his antics start to get on your nerves. At first, it was lovable since you realize that’s just who he is. But as you watch the film over and over again, you see what kind of a massive jerk Tommy really is.

Be that as it may, James Franco is completely hypnotic as Tommy Wiseau and totally immerses himself into the role. If you just listen to him, you’d begin to think that it’s the real Wiseau talking. Even his laugh is exactly the same as Wiseau’s and that’s not easy to duplicate. James’ brother, Dave, is also good as Greg Sestero. However, James’ performance completely overshadows his brother’s performance here. Dave’s performance is not quite as memorable.

Overall, The Disaster Artist isn’t just about the laughs. It’s mostly a heartfelt film about never giving up on your dreams, no matter how badly you fail. It’s truly an inspiring film for anyone with a dream.

Movie Review: 4/5 atoms

The Disaster Artist - Dave Franco

The Disaster Artist hits Blu-ray with a 1080P MPEG-4 AVC encoded video and a 2.40:1 aspect ratio. The film looks fantastic on Blu-ray. The brightness is natural looking and rarely blooms. The scenes that do bloom are a product of the natural lighting in the background. The black levels are deep and never crushed. It’s also amazing how excellent the contrast and details are for this film. Because the film was shot in 6K, each texture and facial feature is crystal clear throughout the entire film. The visual style doesn’t lend itself to a variety of color choices. Regardless, the colors are seemingly accurate to the film’s simple yet down-to-Earth style.  Overall, this is a terrific release by Lionsgate.

Video Rating: 4.5/5 atoms

The Disaster Artist - James Franco

The Disaster Artist hits Blu-ray with a Dolby TrueHD 7.1 Master Audio track. For such a dialogue-heavy film, you won’t find much immersion here. Yes, there are scenes where the audio will immerse you in a scene but most of the time, the audio will come from the center channel. Thankfully, the dialogue can clearly be heard throughout. In addition, the soundtrack and subtle environmental effects can clearly be heard through the front and surround channels too. Unsurprisingly, the subwoofer won’t get much work due to the nature of the film. Overall, this is a straightforward audio presentation done in an excellent way.

Audio Review: 4.5/5 atoms

Special Features
The Disaster Artist - Charlene Yi, Kelly Oxford, Seth Rogen, Paul Scheer, and Dave Franco

The Disaster Artist contains the following special features:

  • Oh, Hi Mark: Making a Disaster
  • Directing a Disaster
  • Just a Guy Leaning on a Wall: Getting to Know Tommy
  • Gag Reel

As you can see, there aren’t a lot of special features on this Blu-ray release. The most notable bonus feature on here is the “Getting to Know Tommy” featurette. This segment takes a look at the enigma that is Tommy Wiseau. It’s also here that you’ll find James Franco (in his Wiseau voice) and Tommy just having a casual conversation. The other two featurettes are nothing but your standard behind-the-scenes featurettes with cast and crew interviews. You may find some interesting tidbits while watching it but it’s nothing that’s incredibly mind-blowing. Unfortunately, the gag reel isn’t as funny as you expect it to be.

Special Features Review: 2.5/5 atoms

Overall, The Disaster Artist is a fantastic film that’s not only funny but inspirational as well. Just try not to be a jerk like Tommy was. As for the video and audio presentations, they are both solid. Unfortunately, the special features are really lacking here.

Overall Rating: 4/5 atoms

This Blu-ray was reviewed using a retail/advance copy/unit provided by Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

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