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NAMM is the quintessential mecca for musicians and audiophiles. Everything you can think of that relates to music and sound sits under one roof, for one weekend in Anaheim, CA. But in the midst of guitars, drums, speakers, and music software, there was one piece of audio equipment that stood out. Hooke Audio produces Bluetooth headphones with a little twist. Built inside the headphones are a pair of Binaural microphones that record binaural audio, otherwise known as “3D Audio”.

Binaural Audio is audio that is captured exactly the way it surrounds you. It’s how we hear the world that’s around us. When you listen to something that was recorded in binaural audio, things that are on your right side sound louder and richer than things on your left, and vice versa. Still lost on what binaural audio is? Here’s a short video explaining what it is. (WEAR HEADPHONES!)

Before, when someone wanted to record 3D audio, it would take multiple microphones and software to emulate the realism of 3D audio. But that was cumbersome and time-consuming. Hooke Audio has created a lightweight headphone that has all the equipment and technology you need to record true binaural audio with just a click of a button. With the Hooke Verse, you can record audio, make a hands free call, listen to music, and even playback your own binaural recordings.

During NAMM we were able to try out the Hooke Verse, and it did exactly what it was intended to do. We recorded a short video with someone speaking to us, and while they were talking they walked around us. Watching the video back with the Hooke Verse, it was hard to differentiate if we were watching a video or recording a new one. The Hooke verse gives you a new perspective on how you should be listening to audio.

In a world where content is constantly being created, vloggers and independent filmmakers are looking for a way to make their content feel more personal for their fans. While they improve their videos with expensive cameras, like DSLR’s and 360° cameras, they forget about the importance of audio. Recording rich, 3D audio gives content creators the ability to makes their viewers feel as if they were right next to them the moment they recorded their video.

The Hooke Verse is available to purchase for $239.99 at

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