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nintendo switch rewards

After months of minor tweaks and changes, Nintendo finally updates fans on the status and usage of Gold Coins in its new My Nintendo Rewards program. The My Nintendo Rewards program launched back in 2016 following the closure of Club Nintendo, which was known for its amazing rewards. Much to the dismay of fans, My Nintendo Rewards has been less than impressive with its rewards system, giving a few games here and there, but mostly discounts and a few wallpapers.

Starting in early March, gold coins can be used for discounts to purchase items such as games and even DLC on the Nintendo Switch. When the Switch first launched, a lot of questions surrounded how Nintendo would approach the rewards program with their new console. Yet for months there was nothing but silence; that is until Nintendo posted a new update on its My Nintendo site. The update outlines that now the player will earn Gold Coins equal to about 5% of what they spent on a game. This includes physical games purchased for the Switch itself. Then players will be able to redeem any coins they’ve earned on games and DLC for the Switch.

Just recently the Nintendo Switch surpassed the lifetime sales of the Wii U, and those sales look to grow even larger in the coming months with the Switch being more readily available. This is more than welcome news for anyone owning a Switch or considering purchasing one, and wondering if the Switch Rewards would ever take off. While it may not be the reward system many were hoping for, only time will tell how the system fares.

Are you a Switch owner? What are your thoughts on the new rewards system and some of your hopes for it? Let us know in the comments below.

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