Relaxing with Bodyfriend’s Marvel massage chair and Rex-L Plus

One of the highlights for me at CES was checking out the Bodyfriend booth. And as a superhero fan, I was very excited to test out the Marvel hug chairs like Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain America. In addition, Bodyfriend featured the Rex-L Plus Massage Chair, the ultimate massage chair that really gives you a good massage. (That’s a great way to start the day.)

The Marvel massage hug chairs are perfect for movie buffs and gamers. Simply sit down and activate the massage, and you’ll be feeling good in no time while watching your favorite movie, show, or game. Although it’s more simplistic compared to the Rex-L Plus, it still has cool features including a heater to warm your back and butt, a massage ball system that takes care of your back, and airbag massage to focus on your waist and buttocks.


The big centerpiece shown at the booth was the Rex-L Plus Massage Chair, and it feels as good as it looks. The design is inspired by sports cars, and it’ll definitely shine in your living room, bedroom or man cave. There were only two at the booth, with one showcased at the very center on a raised platform. About a dozen attendees were lucky enough to experience the Rex-L Plus, and I was one of the fortunate ones. Of course, I was sitting on the main one for all to see, and I was glad that I wore socks without holes in them. (That would’ve been pretty embarrassing.)

The Rex-L Plus was super relaxing, and I just wanted to sit there all day. The massage chair really gives the user a full-body massage, whether it’s your neck, hands or legs. Furthermore, healing music is played to help you relax. Features include heating your back and buttocks, zero gravity to give a weightless stance, 12 massage modes (stretch, office, relax, etc), head airbag massage, embedded touch switch, ergonomic hand massage), and more.

Since this is Nerd Reactor, I was excited to hear about Bodyfriend having a potential partnership with Lucasfilm. So here’s hoping that a Darth Vader hug chair is in the works.

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