Libratone cuts the cord free with its audio products

If you’ve never heard of the Danish company, Libratone, well now is a good time to become familiar with it. During CES Libratone announced its upcoming Track+ headphones, as well as few updates that will be coming to its current products.

The Track+ headphones are Libratones’ newest product that will be arriving later this year. It features Libratones’ next generation of four-level adjustable noise cancellation (Adaptive City Mix II). Several microphones placed within the headphone can detect the sounds surrounding you and automatically adjust the noise cancellation. You also have the option of adjusting it yourself. The track+ offers some small neat little features. When placing the track+ headphones down on a flat surface, the headphones will automatically go into sleep mode to conserve the battery life. The Track+ has built-in accelerometers that will sense how fast your movement is. If it detects your movement at high speed, it will set the noise canceling down to the lowest level so you can hear what’s going on around you.

The Track+ features a minimalistic and flexible design that makes it comfortable to wear as well as easy to fold and store. It is weather resistant with a splash proof rating of IPX4. The earbuds are small and comfortable and fit snugly in your ear. The buds seal off your ear canal minimizing the amount of outside noise that leaks in. The Track+ is a great combination of technology and style, perfect for those with an active lifestyle. The sound quality is a perfect balance of the highs and lows, at the highest volume, the music doesn’t sound distorted or punchy.

Libratone also announced an update to its portable wireless speaker ZIPP. Current owners of the ZIPP will soon be able to have Amazon’s Alexa integrated with their ZIPP speaker. The update will come as a free, over-the-air update that will give the award-winning speaker more flexibility and uses for its owner.

Simon Peschcke-Køedt, VP of Global Marketing, Head of Libratone Denmark explains:

“Libratone is on a quest to set music free and the ability to control your ZIPP with your voice is an important step in this direction. Now you can simply enable the Libratone ZIPP skill, then ask Alexa on a device like the Echo Dot to turn up the volume of your ZIPP no matter where you choose to place it.”

Allowing current ZIPP owners to receive Alexa support with just an update is a great step forward for Libratone, or any smart speaker company. Giving your customers the option to simply update the software to gain Alexa support, instead of forcing them to buy a new unit, keeps customers happy and loyal to the brand. You can see that when Libratone designed the ZIPP, it had planned to already implement a digital assistant further down the road. With Alexa coming, will the ZIPP one day also support Google’s digital assistant software?

The ZIPP is available on and for $299, with the ALEXA update arriving in the next few months. The Track+ will be available in late spring for $199.

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