CES: Sharp reinvents television with 8K

Just as people were getting around to 4K displays, Sharp decided to do away with them and introduce 8K displays. During CES Sharp unveiled its 8K TV, which has a resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels which is sixteen times larger than 4K.

Credit: Sharp

Now, this isn’t the first time 8K was mentioned at CES. 2015 marked the year where electronics giants Samsung and LG showed off 8K displays. But back then, the technology was not ready for the consumer market. Flash forward a few years, and now 8K displays are ready to be rolled out, bigger and thinner than ever.

Sharp showcased its 80-inch 8K display, and the images were downright beautiful. Every last detail can be seen on the 8K display, making it somewhat surreal, but that’s not where it stops. With Sharp’s new television, you have the option of watching up to four different things all with 4K resolution. So that means you can watch live television, your favorite Netflix show, and play video games all at the same time.

Credit: Sharp

Using an 8K display means that content will be upscaled since at the moment true 8K content is not readily available. Sharp is looking to bridge that gap by creating a prosumer level native 8K video camera in the near future. RED Digital is currently the only camera manufacturer on the market that produces an 8K camera, but the price is not feasible for your avid shooter.

Credit: Sharp

Sharp demoed a real-time event during CES which was being broadcasted to their 8K display while being filmed with their 8K cameras. And I must say, seeing content that is being natively shot in 8K opposed to being upscaled is a world’s difference.

There’s was no mention of price or exact release date for their 8K display, but hopefully, it’s something that we can see rolling out later this year.

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