Sony brings the tech to CES 2018

CES 2018 brings some of the best tech in the world to the Las Vegas Convention Center every year. And with that, the leading consumer electronics companies bring their A game with the latest and greatest tech, trying to one-up each another. Being an avid fan of Sony products since I was a kid, I can say I am a bit partial to them. However, I also own an LG and Samsung television, along with a few other brands besides my Sony 60″ inch.

Walking into the Sony booth, the first thing I noticed was the 65″ A1E, its flagship OLED, which kills its only competition in every side-by-side comparison. But behind it is where the newest model was being showcased, the new A8F, which is the updated and improved version of the OLED. Not only is it thinner and can stand straight, it doesn’t have the pivot stand that some people worry about. It still does have the Acoustic Surface Sound, making it the best built-in sound in the large TV market. It comes in both 55″ and 65″, has the newest X1 extreme processor, supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, and has a clear rear look that allows you to cover all cable management through a unique removable panel.

Credit: Nerd Reactor/Robert Galvan

Next up we got to see the new 85″ 8k Sony television. I did go see the competitors’ 8K, which I wasn’t a fan of, as it had very neon colored bright colors and absolutely terrible dark blacks that looked grey. The Sony 8k shined in many ways, not only over its competition, but over its own flagship TV, the 75Z9D, which is rated as the TOP TV in the industry. Next to the 8k, the Z9D looked like garbage. The Z9D currently has a rating of 2000 nits, the highest in the industry with most competition only around 1000 nits, but the Sony 8k Television had a 10,000 nit rating! Talk about impressive, but you can see in the picture below how it looks compared to the Z9D.

Credit: Nerd Reactor/Robert Galvan

Credit: Nerd Reactor/Robert Galvan

Lastly, we took a gander at its new portable audio speakers, which are some of the top-selling and best-rated portable Bluetooth speakers on the market. Not only did they improve the design and lighting, but they added a new Japanese mesh (yes, it’s made in Japan) that makes it ip67 certified (waterproof, full submersion, and dustproof). The sound was also great, as it supports a new live feature with speakers that point 15-degrees higher to give you a tailored live-sound experience.

Credit: Nerd Reactor/Robert Galvan

Credit: Nerd Reactor/Robert Galvan

Overall, Sony really went all out with their technology, even giving us a preview into its dive into the self-driving automotive industry and bringing back Aebo, the lovable robotic pup. Look for these new products sometime in the end of Spring 2018 at your favorite retailer.

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