Hands-on with SOS, a multiplayer survival PC game

Welcome to SOS, a survival game with a twist!

I hope you’re ready for the next big thing in the world of streaming and survival games. Outpost Games has unveiled its new 16-player online multiplayer survival game, SOS. It has players facing off against one another in a 30-minute challenge to escape the dangerous island of La Cuna.

In order to escape and win the game, players will fight over valuable relics to earn themselves 1 of 3 seats on the helicopter. The game is stylized around ’90s reality shows like Survivor.

Winning is the ultimate goal, but the personalities of the contestants are what drives player and audience enjoyment. Players after each match will be recognized for various things such as notoriety, and other factors. These “Fame” accolades will determine ranking on a second leaderboard to reward players who aren’t suited for survival.

3 Rounds with SOS

From the moment I landed on the island, it was entertaining from start to finish. The level of entertainment will definitely vary from match to match based on who you’re playing with. Each of my sessions was compiled of press and streamers/influencers from the SOS community.

SOS’s charm comes across from the moment you find a match. Each player is a contestant and is given an opportunity to showcase their personality. And at the start, players are scattered randomly across the island with nothing but a radio. Using the radio to find allies can prove to be a very valuable tool as creatures on the island are aggressive, territorial, and formidable.

Early on in my first round, I encountered a charismatic survivor named Terry. He spoke completely in the third person while I was a farcically self-proclaimed party healer and must be protected at all costs. As you might have guessed, our conversations were about as absurd and hilarious as one might expect. This continued until we came across a supply drop that was voted on by the live audience (think Hunger Games). We ended up killing a hostile competitor, looted the supplies and continued our search for relics. After a hard fought battle, we collected our first relic and started our escape plan.

Shortly on our path to finding a flare gun, we encountered another group of survivors. Being outnumbered we decided to join up and share our supplies and relic. We reach the extraction point and find it crawling with creatures. I take a moment for the more equipped members of the group to engage and use the opportunity to board the hovering helicopter. Lucky for me, I was able to go unnoticed until the very end when I began taunting my former allies. At this point, my former allies began shooting at me to try and kill me or knock the relic off my back. We finished the match, and I got some podium time with the top 3 entertainers to gloat about our victories.

My second round was less eventful. I spent the entire match searching for supplies and fighting creatures on my own. This all came to a halt when I became infected and eventually turned into an enemy myself. After dying or turning into one of the creatures, players are switched to spectator mode and are able to further influence the match with the rest of the audience.

My third and final round played out similar to my first one. I found myself grouped with others quickly, until eventually, we had 3/4 of the players in our group. We collected multiple relics, fired a flare for the helicopter, and then all hell broke loose. Our “alliance” quickly dissolved into mayhem as everyone began fighting over the relics and the three coveted spots on the helicopter. The previous enemy engagements left me with low health, and my lack of a gun painted a big target on my back. I was killed off quickly and spent the last 4 minutes of the match watching the chaos unfold while enjoying the personalities of the characters left alive.

Overall my time with SOS was extremely entertaining whether I was winning or losing. The true charm and enjoyment of the game come from the social elements. Creating a character and interacting with others who have done the same is something that you generally only see on MMO role-playing servers. SOS instead takes this idea of performance and makes it a core gameplay mechanic. In fact, you can’t even play the game without a microphone.

The game is completely built around the player’s personality. And while it’s not required to win, it is by far the strongest tool at your disposal. I have predictions that this game will be topping the charts on streaming sites like Twitch when it launches. The level of performance and the fact that your audience can directly cheer you on and assist you is a recipe for success for streamers. Check out our edited version of the debut trailer below, and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

SOS is scheduled to release in early 2018 on PC. If you would like to see the game in action, there will be a special event this weekend (Dec9-10) from 1-5 pm.

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