Light Fall coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018

Light Fall

Light Fall is a colorful, one-of-a-kind platformer set to release in March 2018 that follows a young boy on his journey to discover his past. It will take him to the forgotten world of Numbra in the hopes of saving the world from an imminent threat.

On his journey, the boy will discover the shadow core, a mysterious relic that allows you to create platforms on the move. These can be positioned directly underneath you when needed, so the player can utilize them for an optimal pathway. The shadow core comes with 4 charges to be used at your discretion, before needing you to touch the ground for recharging. Like other indie platformers, it’s filled with pitfalls and other hazards around every corner, so utilizing the shadow core to its maximum potential will be key.

Light Fall resonates with an art style similar to 2010’s Limbo. While it uses elements of the Noir art style, it differentiates itself by using bright pastels to show the contrast between the character and world. These gorgeous visuals combined with a compelling narrative could mean big things for Light Fall.

It’s already been nominated for a few awards during its development stages and was recognized in 5 categories as a finalist in 2017’s Busan Indie Connect Festival. Extremely creative and innovative indie titles in the past have garnered major success, and if Light Fall can take the momentum it currently has and capitalize on it, then it just may be a popular indie like Limbo.

Bishop Games recently announced that Light Fall will be releasing on the Nintendo Switch in addition to the previously announced PS4, Xbox One, Mac and PC platforms in March 2018.

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