GameStop starts a six-month rental program

Video game retail giant GameStop is turning into the old Blockbuster Video, perhaps figuratively and literally. The store is starting a six-month rental program. According to an advertisement shown on Resetra, signups begin on November 19.

According to the advertisement, “Enjoy half a year of unlimited gaming for the price of one new game! Pick any pre-owned game, from throwback classics to the latest hits. Swap as often as you want and keep the last one.”

Gamers could rent a game and swap it for another game as many times as they want during the six-month period. Once the set time frame is over, the renter simply keeps the last game checked out. Essentially, it becomes a $60 used game.

Is it a good deal for the consumer? Considering six months is a long time, it has a mild appeal. A lot of games could be played through and finished in that time frame, and the last one is the renter’s game to keep forever.

On the other hand, for $60 most casual gamers today can buy and own three solid games. People are well informed through YouTube and written reviews. Needing to rent out different games seems like a thing of the past.

Look at how well it worked for Blockbuster Video towards the end.

GameStop experienced a mini-resurgence this year thanks to the Switch. But, the upswing may not last in the digital world.

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