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AMC’s The Walking Dead returned tonight with their 100th episode ‘Mercy’. In this redemption episode, we begin to see Rick and his team – along with The Kingdom and Hilltop – reclaiming their power over the Saviors. For our review, click here.

Let’s recap:

The opening scene begins with Rick’s eyes closed and going in and out of a dreamlike state. We then cut to Rick and his crew rebuilding Hilltop. We then see Rick alongside Ezekiel and Maggie giving an inspirational speech about working together. During Rick’s voiceover, Dwight is then shown and an arrow is shot hitting his motorcycle tire with a note saying ‘Tomorrow’. Understanding this, he writes a note in return and shoots it outside the gate of the compound to Daryl. Ezekiel then gives his own speech with Shiva roaring along with him. Maggie provides her own message of hope.

Tara and Carol seem to be scouting the area with walkers under an overpass. They take notes as time passes and more walkers gather underneath.

Rick is seen again in and out of his dreamlike state where we see flowers and a cane. We see old man Rick with a grey beard in bed waking up.

Carl drives a van on the freeway to abandoned cars to find gas. As Carl approaches an empty gas station, he hears a voice who is talking to himself about his mother and religion. Carl confronts him and the guy tells him he just wanted some food. Rick scares him away and tells Carl they were supposed to meet at the intersection. Rick said that the guy could have been one of “them” (the Saviors). Carl gets upset and walks away.

On the paper that Dwight sent to Daryl were Saviors lookout points. Daryl and Morgan kill the Saviors at each station.

The team prepares to attack. Gabriel tells him they’re ready to go. Rick just wants to kill one person – Negan. Rick says his goodbyes to Judith, Carl, and Michonne as he leaves to attack the compound. Michonne and Carl watch over Alexandria.

The attack begins with Rick stabbing a man at one of the lookout points. The man tells him that Rick’s son is going to die. Rick’s team approaches to meet with the other communities – Hilltop and The Kingdom. They all bond in a tender moment. Rick tells Maggie that Hilltop is lucky to have her and after all this, he’s following her.

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Back to Tara, Carol, Morgan, and Daryl, who are on the overpass doing a countdown. She counts down and nothing happens. They then see the walkers approaching them, which is part of the plan. They depart with the van still on the overpass. The van explodes on the overpass.

At the compound, they hear the explosion and send some men to investigate. Dwight is on the radio at the compound and prepares for the attack. Slowly, two of the Saviors lookout men on the compound are attacked, which gives the gang a way into the exterior of the compound. They shoot their guns to get Negan and his men’s attention. We then see Negan and his men come out.

Back to dreamlike state Rick, who imagines old man Rick in bed next to flowers. He comes down the stairs to see Michonne and Carl playing hooky.

Cut to Negan talking to gang from his compound. Negan said he’s not going to let his people die and asks what Rick wants. Rick begins calling out Negan’s command – including Eugene who begins stuttering. Rick tells them they have a chance to survive if Negan surrenders. Negan asks Rick if he thinks he has the numbers for this fight. We then see Gregory come out and says that Hilltop is not part of this fight and they stand with Negan. Jesus yells that the Hilltop stands with Maggie. Out of anger, Simon pushes Gregory down the stairs at the compound.

Tara, Carol, Morgan, and Daryl set up traps for the Saviors who were called to investigate the explosion on the overpass. After attacking the Saviors, Carol, Morgan, and Tara separate from Daryl who stays behind with the approaching walkers. He then drives off and sets off explosions as the walkers are following him.

Rick does a countdown to Negan and his men and begins shooting at them and attacking the compound. The Saviors begin shooting back and the gang starts scattering as they shoot at the Saviors. They break into the compound with explosives. Negan is stuck behind the metal piece. Rick keeps trying to attack him, but Gabriel tells him they need to leave as the walkers are approaching the compound. Gabriel reminds Rick that it’s not about him. Gabriel sees Gregory and decides to save him, but Gregory abandons Gabriel instead leaving him to die. Gabriel escapes into a room and is trapped with Negan who tells him he’s going to shit his pants.

Carl returns to the gas station where he saw the guy earlier and leaves him some food with a note saying ‘Sorry.’ We then see the guy watching Carl from the bushes.

Ezekiel is at the base and sees Carol and nods to her with a smile.

Rick and Daryl watch in a distance waiting for Gabriel but proceed with part two of their attack. They attack another compound. Carol and the Kingdom are attacked by

Back to Rick’s dream, Judith is older, about six or seven, and hugs her father. She is excited about the big party, which Michonne calls it a festival. They go outside to see the community in perfect bliss. We cut back to Rick who tears up at the thought of it and we cut back to the inspirational speech to the team in the beginning of the episode. “I don’t want to wait for it anymore. You don’t either. I know. So we don’t have to wait for it. We start tomorrow right now. With everything, we’ve beat. Everything we’ve endured. Everything we have risen above. Everything we’ve become. If we start tomorrow right now, no matter what comes next, we’ve won. We’ve already won.”

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