Evil Shift Controllers for PS4 and Xbox One coming November 9

Both PS4 & XB1 Evil Shift Image evil shift controllers

Evil Controllers has announced the Evil Shift pro/esports controller release date along with pricing and pre-sale. It will be shipping on November 9th and will retail for $169.99. The controller is specially crafted for those wanting to gain the upper hand in gaming without sacrificing the feel of the original controllers. The paddles on the back feel very comfortable and give you more options to master your in-game moves. You can read all about it in our hands-on preview here.

The controllers will be tournament-ready, with four paddles on the back, giving all your fingers purpose along with allowing you to maneuver and perform more actions at the same time.

Evil Shift PlayStation 4 Controller

As you can see, it still uses most of the original PlayStation 4 controller but with added bonuses like switchable thumbsticks. An extended thumbstick will improve your range of motion, especially if you’re a sniper or love mid-range combat. I’ve seen many cases of the rubber coming off of the thumbsticks, so it’s nice to know that with the Evil Shift controller, you can switch them out easily.

The paddles on the back are sturdy, so you won’t accidentally press the buttons, and they won’t pop out like other official controllers. In addition, the paddles are directly over the buttons, so you actually feel the direct click.

Evil Shift Xbox One Controller

You can remap the paddles instantly during gameplay, and you simply change them via the controller.

You can pre-order at evilcontrollers.com.


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