The 17th Door is the next evolution of SoCal haunted mazes

Credit: Nerd Reactor/Brad Betts

Credit: Nerd Reactor/Brad Betts

The Halloween season has started in the Southern California area with spooky events like Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights, Knott’s Scary Farm, and Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor. And if you’re tired of maze rooms where you feel like you’re in a conga line with people all around you, then make room for The 17th Door. From the twisted minds at Manic Mind Productions, the team has created something terrifying, fun, and very intimate as your small group embarks on a dark journey into the world of a tortured individual.

This is the third year for The 17th Door, and this time you will be transported into a penitentiary, all inside a building in Fullerton, CA.

Synopsis: …and so it continues. Our Paula has committed a heinous crime and it is now time to pay the price. A lengthy sentence to be served in the most gruesome and hellish of prisons. Much worse than the troubled and miserable life of our depressed college sophomore. Welcome to Perpetuum Penitentiary, a place of darkness born only in nightmares. For within these stone walls, you will meet true suffering and despair. Prayers for mercy unanswered. Evil pervading its every space. Paula’s space. This detour through hell is her new reality. The question is… will it be yours? The sadistic warden has agreed to unsupervised visitation. Go cautiously, one-by-one, as the residents of Perpetuum have no concept of confinement and no intentions of behaving. And they are thirsty, longing for the smell and taste of new blood. No one escapes. Your only hope is to survive. Are you scared? You will be.

Credit: Nerd Reactor/Brad Betts the 17th door

Credit: Nerd Reactor/Brad Betts

To start off the horrifying trip, you can try the new VR and 4D add-on experience (at an additional cost). I highly recommend those who are daring to check this out since it will mess with you physically and mentally. In the VR world, you are strapped down in a wheelchair as you are being pushed around the prison. With the 4D technology, you will feel as if you’re being rolled in a wheelchair and being tested on by doctors. One scary moment involves the fear of heights where you’re at the mercy of those around you.

A typical haunted maze will have you walking around with strangers in front of you and behind you. This makes you feel like you’re in a conga line, and that’s the worst feeling when experiencing a horror attraction. Are you really going to get scared when a monster tries to scare you when you saw that same one try to scare another person in front of you? Plus, knowing that there are dozens of people in front of you and behind you isn’t scary.

Credit: Nerd Reactor/Brad Betts the 17th door

Credit: Nerd Reactor/Brad Betts

What makes The 17th Door a unique and intimate experience are the rooms being sectioned off. There are 17 rooms to explore, and to proceed, your group of 4 to 6 must wait for the green light to turn on. That gives each group a feeling that they are the only ones experiencing the haunted maze. You will be subjected to water, fear of heights, bugs, and a demented barber who isn’t afraid to give you a real haircut. If it’s too much for you, don’t worry since there is a safe word. With that said, I highly urge those attending to wear something comfortable including comfortable shoes. My colleague decided to wear slippers, and let’s just say he was running around the second-half of the haunted maze barefoot.

The production is of high quality, and you really do feel like you’re in a prison. The inmates and monsters are freaky, and the group you’re in may change since you may get lost. It’s definitely one of my favorite Halloween mazes I have ever done where amusement parks can’t even compete with them. It’s so intense that you will need to sign a waiver and stamp your fingerprints.

The 17th Door is running from now until October 31st. You can order tickets at starting at $22. VIP Speed Pass ticket start from $27.

It’s located at The West Fullerton Shopping Center (1851 W. Orangethorpe Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92833).

The 17th Door 2017 Haunt Experience Dates:
September 22-23 and 29-30
October 1, 5-8, 12-15, 18-22, 24-31

Credit: Nerd Reactor/Brad Betts

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