Disney Pixar’s ‘Coco’ new trailer shows the importance of familia

“Never forget how much your family loves you”

Ever since it was first announced back in 2012, Pixar fans have been waiting anxiously for more information on Coco. Details began to slowly makes their way to the world last year, and like a flood, they haven’t stopped!

We covered the first official trailer that debuted earlier this year here, and fans around the world have collectively cheered for what’s to come! Now, Disney-Pixar has released a new trailer that digs a little deeper into what the story revolves around.

In the latest trailer, we follow Miguel’s (voiced by newcomer Anthony Gonzalez) journey through the land of the dead. Miguel ultimately finds long lost relatives, and soon embarks on an adventure to locate his great-grandfather, the legendary musician Ernesto de la Cruz.

The trailer really hits on the values of family and friendship, as with most Disney-Pixar films. The greatest and most unique aspect that this films holds, however, are its ties to the Latin community. From its colorful palette to the all-Latino cast, Coco is setting out to become the next big diverse film to come from the House of Mouse.

Check out the trailer below!

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