Dragon Con 2017 cosplay party music video by Beat Down Boogie

Dragon Con 2017

One of these days I’ll need to come back to Dragon Con, because it’s definitely my number 1 favorite convention. It’s truly a cosplay party, and over the Labor Day weekend, cosplayers from all around the world come together in Atlanta, Georgia, to show off their elaborate outfits. (The event had over 80,000 attendees.) It doesn’t matter what fandom you’re representing since they’re all welcome.

We do have a cosplay video from the event coming to you soon thanks to David Hoang, but in the meantime, Beat Down Boogie, the Dragon Con cosplay music video masters, have released its Dragon Con 2017 video, “This Beautiful Cosplay Life.” It features cosplay from Nintendo, Fallout, Overwatch, Fast Food Avengers, Justice League, Guardians of the Galaxy, Pickle Rick, The Legend of Zelda, X-Men, JEM, Pokemon, Batman, Power Rangers, Star Wars, Supergirl, Blade, Terminator, Luke Cage and more.

If you missed out on Dragon Con, check out the video and feel connected again. And if you already did go, it’s a fun video that captures the crazy atmosphere and the awesome cosplayers.

Filmed by Blake Faucette & Matthew Sumner
Edited by Blake Faucette

Music credit: Fissunix – “Grid It Up”, Me Gusta Music – “Live This Beautiful Life”, meHiLove – “Bright Day”

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