Nintendo planning an achievement system for the Switch

Despite the Switch’s success, it lacks a few things other consoles offer. Most notably, the online infrastructure is just not the same as in the Xbox One and PS4. Plus, the Switch lacks power, internal memory and a Virtual Console. In addition, some third-party companies are hesitant to jump on board with their Triple A titles. Yet, the Switch remains a top-selling console.

What else does the hybrid console lack? Achievements.

That missing note might change soon though. Here is an excerpt from a recent IGN article:

“During a Reddit AMA, the team behind Lichtspeer, which is coming to Switch, were asked about whether the game supported online rankings; in the reply, team member Tom indicated that they were hoping to add rankings ‘along the way.'”

“Nintendo doesn’t have an official support for Achievements and Leaderboards, like Sony or Microsoft, but we know that they’re working on it,” Tom wrote (on Reddit).

The question is, do Switch gamers care about this? The comments underneath the IGN article did not sound too enthusiastic. One of the users wrote the following observation below:

“In order to have achievements, Nintendo needs to work on their Nintendo/online profile/accounts. It’s 2017 Nintendo, you don’t get applauded for this.”

No one would mind an achievement system, but Nintendo could be working on other features. If the company does not want to improve the online play, then Virtual Console should be a top priority.

Nintendo is not known for always listening to its own crowd though.

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